This could not be a more perfect wedding to end the year on, literally!  This was my last wedding of the season and its rounding out a great year of weddings posted here on the blog.  I’m going out with a big one!

First lets give credit where credit is due!

Venue: Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts
Videographer: Well Spun Films
Make-up: Bella Angel
Florist: Roberston’s Flowers
Cake: Felix’s Caketeria
DJ: EBE Entertainment
Graphic Design Everything: Marcy! You should check out her blog BeFrank, its pretty cool.
Assistant Photographer: Stephanie Lugo, Thank you for doing so much behind the scenes Stephanie and manning the photo booth!
Second Photographer: A Big thank you to Ryan Estes!  You were a big help and  its always so much fun shooting with you.
Photo booth: ME!  Its something new I am doing and if you want it let me know, its a lot of fun.

I have been looking forward to this wedding all season!  Yes, it was my last wedding but that’s not why. I know Marcy from Drexel when she was a student and I was the facility manager, I was particularly close with her class and even took a book design class with them. Needless to say years after graduation I still keep in touch with a number of people from her class.  If you know anything about Drexel and the graphic design program you know that they produce some pretty amazing graphic designers.  I knew Marcy was going to go all out with everything for her wedding and she didn’t disappoint.  There were so many details at her wedding and everything tied into each other seamlessly. If anything was in print, it was designed by Marcy. Her invitations have been featured on various wedding blog sites already.

Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts
Marcy’s dress was perfect for her in every way.
Kiss from dad after giving him his card.

Ryan was with the boys, this sad face of Ed’s is because he realized the beverage of choice for the day had pretty high alcohol content…hmm guess you shouldn’t really have too many of those before the wedding. 🙂
Little detail from the invitations.
Something special that was tied into Marcy’s dress.
This was the last weekend we had any leaves or color on the tree’s!  It was perfect.
Lovely bunch of ladies
Haha!  I was pleasantly surprised to see this moment caught by Ryan.  Heading into the church to get hitched.
The long walk and look at that we weren’t running too late. 🙂 (Yeah I notice that stuff.)
The first look!
St. Laurentius Church was beautiful
Ring exchange
Checking out the new accessories.
Marcy’s dad, proud of his little girl.
That’s one proud Papa!
They had an “eco-fetti” toss after the ceremony, all these little bits are biodegradable.
Love these shots of the guys that Ryan got.
One pretty good looking bridal party!
Being that it was November and the sun sets early we were pleasantly surprised with the gorgeous sunset and glow in the sky for their portraits. You can’t get this kind of sky for portraits any other time of year.
Ed’s a good jumper and enjoys doing it, so why not!
On our way to PAFA we made on last pit stop at City Hall.  We decided to take a different perspective than the usual shoot from the middle of broad street shot.
A few more details.
Marcy’s dad surprised them by getting the Philly Fanatic to come to the cocktail hour.  Nobody knew about it but dad, it was a great surprise.Philly Fanatic
This group knew how to party.  It was endless dance party all night.Philadelphia Academy of Fine ArtsPhiladelphia Academy of Fine ArtsPhiladelphia Academy of Fine Arts
The different tables kept having spirited competitions throughout the night.
Marcy’s dad gave a wonderful speech.
Love this shot.  I couldn’t begin to tell you what was happening at this moment.Well if that was not enough images for you, there are many many more in the sideshow below.

But wait!  There’s more!  Here is a fun slideshow of all the photo booth images captured that night.  People loved it, it was a hit. My crew even participated.

Marcy & Ed, thank you for having me out to document this day for you!  It was a blast, both your families are awesome.