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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Friday, August 26th, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Maya & Roman, Longwood Gardens Moodybaby Session

One of my favorite families.  I’ve been photographing them since Maya was in her moms belly!  They grow up so fast!

I haven’t seen Roman since he was around six months old, my how much he has grown.
He is all boy.

Awe, you guys couldn’t get any cuter.
Roman in his vintage suit from the family.
These two get along so nicely.
I have one without the finger in the nose but I just love this!!
Maya could be a little model.
Roman is such an old soul. They call him the little old man. I can’t get enough of him.
Laughs with Mom.
Longwood Gardens is a great place for kids.
Of course they got treats. 🙂
Sharing the giant lollipop.I had such a lovely time with you guys! 

Here is your slideshow!  Enjoy.

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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

|Posted in Weddings

Kirsten & Max, The Stone Barn Wedding

Kirsten & Max are living in Colorado right now but their family home base is here.  Lots of little personal touches went into making their day special.  Shells they found on the beach last summer, guests bringing cupcakes in addition to the cupcakes from Bredenbecks made for an amazing variety and a little fun competition.  The wildflowers that were all incorporated were beautiful and fit Kirsten & Max perfectly while reminding them of their home in Colorado.

Wedding Professionals that made this day come together:

Venue: The Stone Barn
Florist: Colleen Rogers from Maple Acres Farm
Bakery: Bredenbeck’s
Dress: Pamela Ptak
Caterer: The Stone Barn
Band: Jamx
2nd Photographer: Pete Malone, thank you so much Pete!  Always a pleasure.
Assistant Photographer: Stephanie Lugo, so happy to have you back Steph!

Kirsten & Max are such a sweet couple.  We had a wonderful day with them!

Kirsten getting all her final details on.

Max’s details
Kirsten’s room was really cool with all the stone work.
Gorgeous wildflower arrangement.
Love this of Kirsten
Max looking lovely and dapper.
Reading the note Max sent her that morning.
Ready to go get hitched.The Stone Barn, Kennett Square PA Joy Moody Photography
Max, excited!!
Lovely moment with Kirsten’s mom and step dad.
Kirsten walking herself down the isle.Very emotional ceremony
The Stone Barn, Kennett Square PA Joy Moody Photography
Love it.
Yay! Congratulations you guys are married!The Stone Barn, Kennett Square PA Joy Moody PhotographyThe Stone Barn, Kennett Square PA Joy Moody Photography
In addition to the main set of cup cakes, the guests all brought an assortment of home made cupcakes.
Congratulations you guys!  We had such a great time with you!

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Friday, August 19th, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families

Family Portaits in Ocean City NJ

This day was so much fun.  Great family, nice little getaway for the day at the beach.  We enjoyed it so much that we are going to spend a week there ourselves coming up!
We went out to just hang out with this awesome family, blend in and capture a day in the life at the beach.


shhhhhhh……Enjoy the slideshow for more!

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Monday, August 15th, 2011

|Posted in Engagement

Bonnie & Jim, Radnor Hunt Engagement Shoot

Bonnie and Jim are getting married this coming Saturday!  Stephanie and I met up with them last week at Radnor Hunt to get to know them a little before the wedding. It was a gorgeous evening!

Bonnie keeps her horse at Radnor Hunt, some nice quarters this guy has.
We got to play with the puppy hound dogs.  I could have taken one home with me they were so adorable.
Some friends coming over to say hi, well really to see if we had any treats….
Visiting the hounds.
I love the swing at Radnor Hunt.  Always a favorite.
I think my favorite of the evening.Looking forward to seeing you guys again this weekend!!!!

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

AJ & CC’s yearly Moodybaby Photo Shoot

I love my shoots with this family.  This year it was the usual time to do our shoot but it was also I think a bit of a therapy for this family to have some fun time together and document some things that were happening. I’ll explain in a few images.

First, adorable CC.  She is such an adorable, fun and loving little girl.  Just what her mama has needed these past few months.

AJ has been having a tough go of things the past year.  AJ was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome/Minimal Change Disease in October of last year.
It is a chronic kidney disease where things don’t get processed correctly and the body leaks protein through urine that should be in the blood.  That’s the short of it, the very very short of it.

Such a hard thing for a little three year old to be going through.  Its a very rare disease that is not hereditary and it continues to have the doctors stumped. Needless to say its been a hard year for these guys.  AJ has to have his urine tested every morning. Frequent weekly/daily visits to CHOP for ouchies and tests.  He has gotten used to taking his many medications daily, that used to be like torture to give him.  He now takes them one by one by himself.
The little guy is still a fun loving little boy.  He wants to dress like Dad, be like dad as often as possible.
We decided to go out to the park for some fun.
Breaks my heart, a little meltdown being comforted by mom.
With his super hero’s he is back to happy.
CC getting a turn on the swings.
Dad and the kiddos.
The misters were turned on at the park.  So stipped down to diapers and batman undies the kids went in to play.
Love this.
AJ was nice to share batman with his little sister.
Wet misty children.
Love the one of Dad and AJ.
Run super hero run! 🙂
Favorite. Cuddly, lovey CC.
AJ played a while in his batmans.  It was really funny when he wanted to play with another little girl at the play ground, him still in the batmans, but she was not impressed with his sense of fashion.  I believe she said “ooooh gross, get away from me!” And AJ proceeded to chase her around the play ground like any young boy should. It was fantastic.
Love love love. Sweet little AJ.
After the park we went over to their favorite fountain to splash and make wishes.
Such a good big brother.
Little AJ I hope you feel better soon!
Be sure to check out the slideshow for more images. It was great to see you guys! I hope they figure this thing out for you very soon. Much love.

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Saturday, August 6th, 2011

|Posted in Weddings

Priya & Sunit’s Indian Wedding

I feel so so lucky to be able to document anyone’s wedding day, but when the opportunity comes along for different kinds of wedding like this Indian wedding I am beside myself. Its such an amazing thing to be a part of and I adore this family so much.  Priya & Sunit left no stone unturned when planning their wedding and it certainly shows.  Before getting too far here are some of the major players:
Venue: Princeton Hyatt
DJ: Dj Raj
Cake: Baker’s Perfection
Caterer: Rasoi
Second Photographer: Cindy Guessford, Thank you so much Cindy!  I can’t tell you how much fun it was having you out!  You got some amazing images, it was such a pleasure to have you document this day with me.
My assistant Alexa was also out, thank you Alexa for all your hard work and running around!

Priya’s henna was gorgeous

Joy Moody Indian Wedding
Sunit getting some help getting buttoned up.
So handsome.
Love this shot from Cindy.
Priya getting some final touches.
They looked amazing.Joy Moody Indian Wedding
I love the henna on Priya’s feet.
I was obsessed with these angular walls. Joy Moody Indian Wedding
A favorite.Joy Moody Indian Wedding
He says, its raining what can you do? Luckily it didn’t last long and the Baraat had only a minor delay.
Love this grandma so so much, all the grandchildren love her too I think there was always someone hugging her.
The ladies singing silly songs to Sunit.
Getting on the horse for the start of the Baraat.
There’s Sunit’s Grandma again.  Love her, she was so so happy.
Sunit’s parents leading the way in the Baraat.
Arriving to Priya’s parents after his long journey.
He is greeted with provisions and other items.
Priya as Sunit is being brought in from the Baraat right before the ceremony.
Sunit is lead into the ceremony by Priya’s parents.Joy Moody Indian Wedding
Priya’s Grandma.
Offerings to the fire.
Love this
Blessings by their parents.Joy Moody Indian Wedding
After the ceremony they changed into their reception outfits. I love that the Bride wears blue to the reception.Joy Moody Indian Wedding
All ready for the reception! Party time!
First a stop in the bathroom.  Yes you heard me right.  I saw these mirrors in the lady’s bathroom and made it my mission to set up a few photographs with them and the mirrors.  You would have never known it was the bathroom if I hadn’t just told you, or if you were a guest seeing these pictures and saying “hey isn’t that the bathroom?!”
The lighting in the room was so cool, it changed from blue to red.
This cake was awesome.  So vibrant and in the style of a henna design.
Love this of Priya and her dad.
Mom looking on.
And the party begins.  This family knows how to PARTY!
My little protege, the one time of the evening he did not have his camera in his hands.
The Grandparents, can you tell I can’t get enough of them?
These two look familiar?  I photographed Saya and Chandan’s wedding a few years ago, Sunit is her cousin.  So I knew one side of the family going into this wedding and knew it was going to be just as amazing as Saya and Chandan’s wedding. Nice to see you guys!

Want to see more images? Be sure to check out the slideshow below!
Priya and Sunit, it was a great pleasure to be there to document your day!  I hope you enjoy reliving it a little.

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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

|Posted in Engagement

Melissa & Mike, Queens NY Engagement Shoot

I had a fantastic time with Melissa and Mike!  They are getting married in two weeks, its amazing how quickly time is passing this summer!!  I really enjoyed getting to know these two.  We have been in similar circles for a while but never really met “officially” until recently.  Mike got into the scooter scene a little late but when he did it hit him hard and he quickly found an amazing community of people, which eventually led him to finding me.  I’ve been to rallies with these two but never really officially met them, I admired them from afar with their cool VW shop van that they transport their scooters in.  Good times.  So anyway, I headed up to NYC a few weeks ago to hang out with these two for their engagement shoot.  We had a great time!

Meet Melissa & Mike

8 is a lucky number for them and they are getting married in August so lucky #8!
I found out that Mike likes to jump and is quite good at it.
Our last stop was the Unisphere.  The location of the World Fair in 1964-65. I have always wanted to go there, it is amazing.
The shoot would not be complete without including a scooter!  Meet Mikes newest baby, the Lambretta Special X200.  Making its debut appearance for this shoot.
One more time for the sake of it!

You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

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Monday, August 1st, 2011

|Posted in Engagement

Kristin & Dennis, Valley Green Engagement Shoot

Kristin & Dennis are getting married in few weeks!  Time is flying by this summer.

We had a fun time on our shoot a few weeks ago, these two handled the heat well you would never know it was hot that day!

I am looking forward to seeing you guys on your wedding day!

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