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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

|Posted in moodybabies

Baby Roman and little Maya, Philadelphia Moodybabies

It is my pleasure to introduce Roman to everyone!

Most of you will recognize this back drop from his sister Maya’s baby photos. Roman is making his debut appearance on the blog today! He is so much like Maya, but all boy all the way. They both were blessed with their dads amazing blue eyes and their moms good looks.

He was ready and waiting in his moodybaby onsie!


check out how big Maya is getting!

These kids are so good and so photogenic its crazy!

Roman front and center.

Gorgeous pretty baby Maya, not so much the baby any more!

I love everything about this. (you can see me in the corner of the mirror!)

Now that’s a family photo if I ever saw one!

George and Katria couldn’t be more thrilled with their baby boy.

Just to go back a bit, the feet thing is a bit of a tradition with this family. I love that we do similar things every year. Look at that Maya and how she has grown!

This years version

Roman is already so distinguished don’t you think?

Maya is such a good big sister.

Ooh I am just in love with this look! hehe it makes me smile every time!

Reading books with mom is still one of her favorite things.

Maya was soooo good and cooperative, seriously even in her crazy hyper fits jumping on the bed she listened and calmed down when we needed her to and she just followed directions so wonderfully. She truly earned this whirly pop!

Its a good thing Roman had no idea what he was missing.

Fun times twirling with dad!

Such a cutie!

Our traditional stroll to head house square.

Just like every year, we end on the same street. But this year Maya is not in the stroller, Roman is!

Oh this family has a sweet spot in my heart. I love them dearly. Here is a little note I got from them the day after this session, it pretty much sums it all up:

“Joy: Thank you, Thank you for yesterday!! As always, it’s such a pleasure to have you over! Last night  Maya & I were looking at photos on the camera & when we came to the one where you are giving her the lollipop (with the BIGGEST look of excitement on her face!!) she said “I love her, Mama.” Thought you’d appreciate that!! We also shared the lollipop: Maya was licking one side & I the other & our noses would touch, which would tickle & we’d laugh hysterically! When Roman is old enough to have candy, we’ll need to get that shot of them!”

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

|Posted in personal

We say goodbye to our beloved Alma.

Many of you know by now that last week we lost our dog Alma.  We had just arrived in California when we got a call from Don’s mom that Alma had wandered out of her sight and was lost.  After a long search she was found down the road, hit by a car.  Her back was broken and we had no choice by to make the call and end her suffering.  We know in our hearts that she was out determined to find us.  She has never strayed from the yard or attempted to go down the driveway to the road.  All we can think is that she was following Don’s sent and the trail that he runs along.

It was a very tough week being so far away.  We were in California for our good friends wedding, Don a groomsmen and me the official photographer.  We were lucky to be surrounded by friends and family all week.

It is our first day home and this cold dreary rainy day describes how I feel today.  The house is empty and I feel empty.

Don had Alma since she was 8 weeks old, she would have been 15 this May.  Alma was in my life for only six years but our bond was very strong.  We would always joke that she was my dog, as she was always by my side anywhere I went, she lived for me and I for her.

We will always have happy memories of Alma, though its hard now.  I miss her grogginess in the morning, her talking yawns, all her old woman behaviors.  Most of all I will miss our hugs, her ever so exciting greetings when we would come home, jumping around yelping barking and bounding around the house like she was a puppy again.  Her excitement when sitting to get a treat and her cute paw shakes.  She was a loyal companion in every sense of the word.

She certainly was much much more than just a dog to us.  She was a best friend, a member of the family.

She was a Hungarian sheep dog, a Puli, for those of you who haven’t seen many dogs like her. She was the first one I ever met.

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Friday, March 26th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Miranda and Dave, San Diego Engagement Shoot

We are out here in sunny California for Miranda and Dave’s wedding tomorrow.  We met up the other night for a little practice run and to shoot some engagement pics.  Its going to be a good time, we are heading out to Palm Springs later this afternoon.

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Friday, March 26th, 2010

|Posted in Uncategorized

Welcome to the new blog!

Thank you for your patience while the blog has been down.  There will be more changes here but in the mean time lets get this thing back up!

I will have the old blog archived soon.

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