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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

|Posted in Weddings

Anne & Dennis, Audubon Society Wedding

We had an amazing time with Anne and Dennis. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, weather, couple, guests, family and venue.

Before getting too far, I want to mention the other professionals that helped make this wedding come together like it did.

Venue: Audubon Society at Mill Grove
Flowers: Sullivan Owen
Caterer: Jeffrey Miller
Planner: Anthia Graham
Band: Sunday James Band
Videographer: TLJ Studios
Dress: Nilah & Co.
Second Photographer: Misty Dawn Phiel, so great to shoot with you again!
Photobooth Assistant: Carly Abbott

 We started with some getting ready. Anne’s dress was beautiful. Simple, elegant and totally suited her. She also designed her earrings herself.

Anne’s eyes, man they just popped with the make-up!

I really liked the romantic arrangements in the flowers.
AC/DC and m&m’s
Let got see your man!
Dennis approaching their first meet.
We had such a great time with the two of them for their portrait part of the day.  Plenty of time for relaxed portraits.
They are too adorable.
I have been at Audubon many times and never realized a secret path down to the water existed!!!!!!!
Love this one.
Ceremony time, I like this little view of Anne and her Dad getting ready to walk down the isle.
Anne’s sister looking on with love. 
I just like this look Dennis’s mom is giving them after her spoken portion of the ceremony.

Love this.
A few Details
Their first dance was very sweet.
Great speeches.
Their cake topper was so awesome.  Totally in their likeness.
mammas and pappas.
Getting the double dutch going.
A wedding is not complete until the photobooth props make their way out to the dance floor!

And a little bling.There are many more in the slideshow, be sure to check it out!
AC/DC, you Rock! I had so much fun with you, thank you for having me document your day.

But wait!! Its not over!!!  I thought I’d put a few of the photobooth pics up and check out the slideshow at the bottom.

Yeah, of course Misty and I had to get in the booth!🙂 Enjoy.

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Monday, July 23rd, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies, Philadelphia

Bella & Hudson, Philadelphia Children Photography

Bella and Hudson were so much fun!! They get along very well and when you get down to the end of this post I think you’ll agree they had a fabulous time as well.

Don’t worry mom, this is the only nose picking photo. 🙂  I couldn’t resist.  I love it.
Bella turned one a few months ago.
Hudson showing me all the things he loves in his room.
Something I just love about the next two.
Soon enough those extra wheels will be gone, Hudson loves his bike.
We were all just standing by as this was happening.  Too funny.
In honor of Bella’s recent birthday we gave her center stage with her big cupcake.
Hudson joined in the party and they proceeded to smear icing all over each other. Good times had by all.More in the slideshow below!!

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Friday, July 20th, 2012

|Posted in Engagement

Lisa & Ian, Family Style Engagement Shoot Ridley Creek Park

A match made on!  Lisa and Ian couldn’t be more adorable.  We met at Feliini in Media for lunch, the same spot they met for their first date.  This is where it all began.  🙂
Wishes do come true.

We wandered Media to a few spots before heading out to Ridley Creek. The movie theater is awesome.
Ian says wah! Cry me a river! 🙂
Mimi, Lisa’s daughter.  They next top model super teen! haha!  
We had a little fun with stop motion.
On to Ridley Creek.
They brought along some really cute props, so we had a little fun.
These guys have zero personality, I mean really…………. 🙂
Love Birds indeed.
This is one super sassy family.
This might be my favorite.
So much fun you guys.  See you’d never know we were dripping with sweat from 100% humidity and 95 degrees outside.  Pssh.
Can’t wait to see you in October!

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Friday, July 6th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies, Philadelphia

Addison & Ella, Moodybaby Philadelphia Children Portraits

So much fun with these kiddos! Kara (aka Mom) is one of the owners at Gravity Salon, I’ve known her and have been a loyal customer with them for years! So we go way back, way way back. 🙂 I am so excited that we got this shoot done! ha!  We kind of missed the boat when Addison was little and we were rained out of our first scheduled date so it was exciting to be able to capture these kiddos finally.

Meet Ella,  she is so sweet and super expressive.  At nine months she is walking and trying her best to keep up with her fast moving sister.

My favorite….
Addison. She has her own little salon, wants to be just like mommy.
Mommy is a ‘willing’ subject. Luckily those are plastic scissors.
The fam.  Ella totally looks like Dad and Addison like mom. Their min me’s.
Just a kid and she already had impecable taste. She also knows how to have fun.

some more favorites.
So much fun you guys!! Thank you so much for a great afternoon!
Be sure to watch the slideshow!

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Thursday, July 5th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Elliot is one! Moodybaby birthday shoot

Elliot is a happy happy one year old! It was great to see these guys again.  I photographed Kim and Mike’s wedding a few years ago.  Its always great to see families grow!

This may have been the first image I took at the session. Elliot was ready for her photo shoot!
That rubber E is taking a beating as a chew toy! ha!
Adding the ‘E’ to the mix.

She loves to take off and climb the stairs, see if you can catch her!
I need a bubble machine with THESE bubbles.  They were flavored and smelled like grape!
CheeserSome great family portraits.
I sent this to Kim to surprise Mike on Fathers day.
So cute in that hat!
Total Daddy’s girl.
What better way to end on a hot summers day than a spontaneous walk through the sprinkler park.
Happy Birthday Elliot!Make sure to watch the slideshow for more!

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

|Posted in Engagement, Philadelphia

Gina & Ed, Drexel University Engagement Shoot

This was surprisingly my first engagement shoot at Drexel! It was kind of nice shooting on a campus that is so familiar to me. 🙂  I’ve known Gina for a while, she was in school when I worked at Drexel and I happened to be pretty close with her and a few others from her graduating class.  Its great to keep in touch and even better to be able to photograph their wedding this fall!

Gina & Ed both went to Drexel and met there so it seemed obvious to do their engagement shoot there.
Love this.
Tad cheesy to pose with the dragon, but why not?
Gina graduated in 2007, Ed in 2008
Too cute!It was a lot of fun roaming campus again with you guys!!! Its crazy how much things have changed over the years.

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Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

|Posted in Engagement, Philadelphia

Jenny & Curtis, Philadelphia Engagement Shoot

This was my first time meeting Jenny and Curtis in person! We got along swimingly over the phone when the booked me for their wedding so it was great to put a face to the name!
We wandered the old neighborhoods around Rittenhouse for our session, getting to know each other along the way.

Cute aren’t they?

cupcake break.
Jenny went to Arizona and Curtis went to Penn State. They are both proud of their schools.
There may or may not be some internal rivalry.
They do agree on the Phillies for a team though!
Really great idea and hopefully I am not spilling the surprise of the thank you’s……. How could I not show this though?
You guys are too adorable!  Thank you for a lovely afternoon!!!

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