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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Friday, April 27th, 2012

|Posted in Weddings

Jasmine & Josh, A wedding from Austin full of bluebonnets and love!

Ah! Its time. I know how you have been waiting for this moment. Its here. Grab a drink, maybe some tissues, get comfy and settle in. Josh and Jasmine I am very excited to show you your photos. Its KILLED me not giving you more teasers, tough but I stuck to my guns, I wanted you to have the FULL affect. 🙂 Everyone stay tuned for the slideshow at the end. Josh recorded all the music for me to use, its uber special.

First a few shout outs of recognition for those important people who provided for this day.

Flowers: Sarah Laja, Josh’s cousin. Amazing job on the flowers, they were gorgeous.
Caterer: Pink Avacado, mmmmmmm yum!
Band: Jabarvy, awesome group. Great jams, totally part of the family. You will see Josh jam with them……little surprise…
Second shooter: The Amazing Linette Kielinski. My trusted friend and amazing photographer who left her little ones for the very first time to join me for this four day trip to Austin. Thank you Linette, I am so happy you were with me!
Venue: Aunt Billies. Josh’s Aunt home and property was the location for this wedding. Such an amazing piece of land and will hold so many memories for the family for years to come.

A few details to start

Jasmine getting ready, taking it all in.
Josh perfecting his vows. 🙂
Some lovely little moments. (Lots of these throughout the day.)
Josh’s son Noah was a very good ring barrer. (Adorable too!)
Beautiful Jasmine
You guys are just awesome.
The boys out by the teepee.
Under the oak tree.
The lovely ladies.
Love it.
Jasmine’s pup, by her side always.
Beautiful Bride. 🙂
Oh how I love this photo. I gently convinced the little one in Jasmines lap to join this group for a photo. She was feeling very bashful and just wanted to be in her dads arms. The photo just wouldn’t have been the same without her and some how I managed to convince her to join. Ugh pulls my heart strings. 🙂 Such a great group.
Josh built the alter where they got married. He made the wall and also the wood arbor on top, which came from the tree beside it. They stood on the shavings from that piece of wood as they were married.
Everytime they visit Aunt Billie they will be reminded of their wedding day.
I love this of Jasmine and Noah before the ceremony.
Josh, ready to get hitched!
Bare feet so he could be connected to the earth as he said his vows.
A few nerves. 🙂
UGH this just gets me EVERY TIME! Jasmine saying her vows, Josh wiping away her tears as Noah cries on the side. Seriously, just amazing the love this family has for each other.
Noah, you are an amazing kid.
Its been hard to get through this wedding without tears because of all the emotion involved. Man.

Hats off to the musicians.
Little moment with dad.
You guys make an amazing family. You are lucky to have such love for each other. This kind of love doesn’t happen every day.
The bluebonnets were simply amazing.
Great group.
A little fun on vines.
I LOVED this little moment, she had no idea I was watching her. There is a whole series of these, I particularly love this one.
First Dance.
I love how Josh beckoned his step-mom to dance.
Speeches were all very emotional and heartfelt.
I loved this little ‘moment’ in the background. In love and in their own little world. 🙂
The family tradition tarzan yell!
Beautiful cakes!
Have to go back to your roots a little. The New Mexico Zia symbol on the grooms cake. LOVE it.

Josh did a little jamming on the guitar and mic. He is multi talented. 🙂
We stepped aside for a few moments to take advantage of the sunset.
It was a gorgeous day!
Fireworks to end the evening, nothing less than perfect.Thank you guys for everything. It was such an honor to capture this day for you! I hope the images provide you a lifetime of memories.

Don’t forget to watch the slideshow, its lengthy so you make sure you are comfy.

Love ya!

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Friday, April 20th, 2012

|Posted in Engagement

Jasmine & Josh, Austin Texas Engagement Shoot

Josh and Jasmine how to describe them?? I went to high school with Josh in New Mexico, so there is a little history there.  He was always one of the sweetest guys, always smiles, friends with everyone.  Not much has changed there.  🙂 We reconnected a few years ago at our 10 year high school reunion and have kept in touch since.  Josh is the photographer in his circle of life and knows the importance of being there to capture the moment in just the right way.  I felt very honored when I heard from him asking me to come be a part of this big day for him and Jasmine.  I had not met Jasmine before but I feel like she has always been there in the same circle.  She welcomed me and Linette with open arms like we had known each other for years. The trip out to Austin was just amazing. We went out on their engagement shoot the day before the wedding, was great to catch up, warm up, and reconnect.  It was also a nice few hours for Josh and Jasmine to just enjoy each other through the hustle and bustle of all that goes into coordinating all the wedding events.  This brought them both back to where they needed to be.  🙂

 A few observations I made about Jasmine. She is the apple to his butter, the sugar to his spice, the words to his song and the perfect fit to his puzzle.
Its just amazing how well these two are matched for each other. They love each other and it shows in every way possible.
Pure and simple.

We started off at the capital, had a little fun with the Segway.
I enjoy the guy running after Josh like he is going to run off with the Segway. But he wanted to pick up his lady hitching for a ride!
no lack in personality….. 🙂

Beautiful Jasmine
It was really hard getting these guys to act natural and be themselves….NOT. 🙂

adorable Josh
A favorite.
I just love these guys.  ugh.
Some Austin skyline.

Everything is big in Texas.

Yeehaw lets get married!
We can’t forget the furry friends.  Meet Reggie everyone.  The giant cat. 🙂 And the sweetest thing too.
The full family portrait. (Well minus Noah, Josh’s son.  You’ll meet him when I post the wedding images.)

So there you have it.  A fun filled morning shoot in Austin. The preview to what was an amazing wedding, which will be up by the end of next week so stay tuned…….

Love you guys!

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Thursday, April 19th, 2012

|Posted in Engagement, Philadelphia

Jenny & Steve, Philadelphia Engagement Photos

Such a lovely cool spring morning with Jenny & Steve and their dog Max!
We just walked around their neighborhood peeking in and out of little spaces.

Max is their pride and joy, key member of the family and has lots of great looks and personality.
Love this one. 🙂
They met while away at College and happened to both be from the Philadelphia area.  Funny how that works sometimes!

See you both in May!!! Thank you for a lovely morning!

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

|Posted in Engagement, Philadelphia

Kristina & Steve, Philadelphia Engagement Shoot

I had a lovely morning with Kristina & Steve last week! We wandered all over the place as you will see!

We started off with their pooch Chutley (short for Chase Utley….I think they like him..the man and the dog)  🙂

Some beautiful color to get warmed up with!
This is a little aside, as we were going up the museum steps I spotted this guy and just thought he was interesting…
Love this.
Off to the other side of town for a change of scenery.
Love it.
These guys are cute no?
A little sas never hurt anyone…
Thank you guys!  I had a blast! See you in September!!!!

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Mason & Sonny, Moodybabies

Darah is a good friend and fellow photographer (Dollface studios) and this shoot was a long time coming.  Sickness and war wounded children gave us a run for our money making this shoot actually happen! But it turned out to be perfect timing and a perfect day!

Mason is six months old and so adorable and happy! He is such a cutie! He is also suffering from second child syndrome and has not had nearly the amount of photo attention that his big sister has, we set out to rectify that. 🙂

Awesomely gross and irresistible at the same time! haha! I love it.
Such big curious eyes
very expressive and I see two teeth popping through.
Where is Mason?
Bath time with big sister Sonny.  mmmm delicious squishy bath toys!
All ready cool and debonair at the age of six months.
Parental duties.  One one on each child.
Love it.
A little time with dad.
Family photo time!
hmmm, one is enjoying it one is not……….
The adorable Sonny
Totally my favorite.

Reaction to finally receiving her giant lollipop.
How adorable is that dress? I want one just like it.

Hmm?  Good or no? 🙂More pictures in the slideshow!  Be sure to check it out.

Great time with you guys! Thanks for having me over.

Mason & Sonny from JoyMoody on Vimeo.

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Monday, April 16th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Mika’s Baptism

Baby Mika (meeka) is adorable beyond words!  She was so happy and smiley the whole day!  It was a big day for little Mika, it was her baptism.  So we did some usual shots before the ceremony.

I just love it.
All dressed up!
Big brother Kai was excited too, we had a little play time with him as well.
look at that face!

Kai all about business, getting that lawn mowed!
Mika was so tuckered out that she slept through her whole baptism!
No waking, even for holy water.
Kai kind of did his own thing through out the ceremony.  I just particularly like this image.Congratulations to you all!  Enjoy your slideshow.

Mika’s Baptism from JoyMoody on Vimeo.

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Monday, April 9th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Oliver, Nolan & Isla

These kiddos are growing up so fast!!  Its crazy.

It just so happened to be Oliver’s Birthday the day of our shoot!

Baby sister Isla has grown so much! She is gorgeous.Insert Nolan. 🙂 Brothers!The big cheese!We actually managed to get a all smiles family photo….minus Bella the dog who… happened to get out rolled around in “stuff” that didn’t smell too nice.A little comforting.Big brothers are good soothers.We had some fun time on mom and dads bed.Love theseWas such a gorgeous day we went down to the creek.LoveARGH!Little mom and daughter moments.Lollipop rewards!!They love to share!It was pajama day in Oliver’s class at school. 🙂I just love this one of Nolan and mom.So great to see you all!  As usual. 🙂

Be sure to watch the slideshow for more!!

Oliver, Nolan & Isla from JoyMoody on Vimeo.

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Thursday, April 5th, 2012

|Posted in Engagement

Lori & Zach, Wissahickon Engagement Shoot

Well its that time of year!  Engagement session season! 🙂  We have been having abnormal weather on the east coast and spring was about three weeks early!

We set out on a nice stroll down the Wissahickon path for Lori and Zach’s engagement shoot on a balmy March afternoon. Lori and Zach go here a lot so it was the perfect spot for their session. It was a great time too since everything was starting to bud out.My favorite.These two are so sweet together.The nice thing about early spring?  We got great pops of color for our shoot.Another favorite.Lori has some sass.  I’ll remember that Lori! I like it!Such gorgeous day we had!!!Can’t wait to see you guys in September!!

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, Engagement

Deb & Neil, Ridley Creek Family Style Engagement Shoot

Deb and Neil are getting married this coming July! They couldn’t have been any sweeter and their daughter couldn’t be happier to see them get hitched!
We did a family style engagement shoot since it really is about bringing a family together right?!

Too cute.May be my favorite.Such a great family.a little stop motion funSomeone is excited!Such a gorgeous afternoon with you guys!  I am looking forward to seeing you again in July!!

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