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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies, Philadelphia

Maya & Roman, Moodybaby Please Touch Museum

One of my longest faithful clients, these guys get more adorable every year. Its always so crazy to watch these kids get so big year to year!
last years shoot
the year before that
Previous years were on the old blog…….

Maya and Roman have season passes to Please Touch and its one of their favorite places to go, so it seemed appropriate to do this years shoot there.

I did however introduce them to this secret hallway they never knew about!!! We had a ton of fun here.

Awe! You guys are too adorable.
Goofballs, have you seen any goofballs?
Roman is so strong!!!!And so is Maya!

You two, too adorable. Love you guys.
Both of these kids have mesmerizing eyes.
Rita’s, get your Rita’s!!!
And of course we have to end with my signature lollipops.  Plus I made and appearance by request, Katria handled my big ole camera very well I have to say!!Such a pleasure to see you guys again! I always enjoy our sessions.
See you next year!!!

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Monday, October 29th, 2012

|Posted in Philadelphia, Weddings

Lori & Zach, Cairnwood Wedding

Lori and Zach’s wedding was a fun time! We had to deal with some major thunderstorms and rain, which meant they couldn’t get married outside but it made for a very cozy romantic indoor ceremony! You would never know that they had to deal with weather issues because the two of them were so happy/excited about getting married and being surrounded by close family and friends!

Venue: Cairnwood
Flowers: Offshoots
Caterer: Feastivities
Dress: Romona Keveza
Videographer: Psynema
Make-up: Nicholas Sebastian Salon
Band: The Funktion
Second Photographer: Linette Kielinski, always a pleasure to work with you!!
Assistant: Felicia Keiser

The calm before the storm!

Lori was beaming all day!
Getting ready to see each other for the first time!
Zach only “mildly” excited. haha!
one cool cat.
We had a brief 5 minute break in the rain to get outside for some portraits.
Too cute!

Ketubah signing its official!
Now its time for the ceremony
Oh man this looked sooo good!
First Dance
Let the celebration begin.

The hora was a bit harrowing! Watch out for the chandelier.
Phew! They survived!
Dance Party!
A fun group shot!
The said group shot led to a dance party in the fountain.
Good night!!!You guys were awesome. Thank you for having us there to capture your day!
Enjoy your slideshow!!

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Thursday, October 25th, 2012

|Posted in Weddings

Claire & Tom, Valenzano Winery Wedding

Claire & Tom!! What a great way to round out a three wedding weekend. We had to deal with a little rain, that didn’t hold us back. It was a really fun day, but before we get to that here are some of the important professionals involved.

Venue: Valenzano Winery:
Florist: Zenplicity Florist
Make-up: Bridesmaid Lauren
Videographer: A good friend Sunny Singh
Caterer: Summit Catering
Dress: Oleg Cassini
Cake: Di Bartolo Bakery
DJ: Time Productions
Second Photographer: Misty Dawn Pfiel, Thank you so much Misty! Was great to work with you!!
Assistant: Felicia Keiser, its been awesome to watch her grow as a photographer!

Claire’s dress was perfect for her.

I’m loving all the three piece suits on the guys this year. Looks super sharp.
Different place for a shoe shot?
Dad seeing his baby girl for the first time.

Tom cleans up real nice.
The first look.
Shed a “few” tears.
This spot was fabulous for pictures. If only it didn’t start down pouring on us……

The walking “oops I tripped” shot. haha!The winery as a great spot for some fun images.
This little flower girl was all sass! Love it.

Oh no!!! Flower girl #2 meltdown! I love this so much, had to put it up.
Wedding time! It was a very sweet and tender ceremony.
mmm, this makes me want cake… right now…..
A few details, the clip in Claires hair was from her grandmothers wedding gown.
This was only meant to be a test shot, I was metering for the right skin tones, but I actually love this shot of Tom!
First Dance
Mom looking on.
Cake time!
Why not put the rings in a glass of wine?

This was party central!
My good friend Mike brewed all the beer for this wedding as a special wedding present to Claire and Tom. He is at the bottom right. (Sorry Mike you knew you would end up on the blog some way some how!!)So much fun! Great day with you guys. Thank you so much for having me there to document it for you.
Be sure to see more in the slideshow.

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

|Posted in Weddings

Jennifer & Curtis, The Carriage House at Rockwood Park Wedding

Jenny & Curtis were my second wedding over the labor day weekend. They had a beautiful day, a little on the warm side but beautiful non the less!  Before we get to far here are the other important professionals involved that day.

Venue: The Carriage House at Rockwood Park
Flowers: Susan Essick
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Make-up: Traci Trent
Caterer: Greenery Caterers
DJ: Silversound
Videographer: Trabbland
2nd Photographer: Pete Malone, Thank you for all your hard work!
Assistant: Felicia Keiser

 I loved Jenny’s flats.

Time to get dressed!
Loved the boys boat shoes.
Jenny’s girls waiting to see her dressed!
Can’t for get the pups!
Best friends.
Jenny ready to see Curtis!
So sweet.

Loved the barn! Jenny’s mom arranged with two properties in the area around her home  for us to take pictures at. It was beautiful. 
Jenny surprised Curtis with the Phanatic cake. It was so cute!
Loved this touch.
Time to get married!
There were lots of tears at this wedding. Tears of joy.
There was a little cake smash….
Archer’s perfecting his move for me!
Jenny’s Aunt and friend doing the dance duel.
It doesn’t look like anyone had a good time……..psh….  🙂Thank you for having us and sending us home with a beautiful center piece!!!!
Enjoy your slideshow!

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

|Posted in Engagement

Meg & Mike, Philadelphia Engagement Shoot

What a beautiful afternoon we had for Meg & Mike’s engagement shoot! They are getting married at the beach next summer and I am so excited!

They had their first date at the Dark Horse. Its about to be turned over into a different bar so we were happy the signs were still up!
One of my favorites.
Meg’s eyes pop with the color of her top!You guys were great! It was wonderful spending the day with you!

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Monday, October 22nd, 2012

|Posted in Engagement

Stefanie & Mike, Peace Valley Park Engagement Shoot

Stefanie & Mike are getting married in December!  We met up a few weeks ago for their engagement session in Peace Valley Park.  Such a gorgeous park, I’d like to head up there with my bike sometime!


They brought along their mascot. 🙂

Awe, love that wrinkly face!

It was touch and go if we were going to get a sunset, but it worked out beautifully.
After running into the largest spider web I’ve ever seen we found a nice spot in the woods for a little change in scenery.I’m looking forward to seeing you guys real soon!!

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, Maternity, moodybabies

Little Charlie welcomes baby brother Nicolas. Moodybaby and Belly Sessions

Rachel and Trevor were expecting a new arrival so it was time for another belly and baby shoot!  We did it for Charlie and so now it was baby brothers turn. If you want to stroll down memory lane here is Charlie’s baby session and his one year session. Its been wonderful watching this little guy known as “Tiny” grow!

Charlie at almost two!

I captured a little of this guy on real film with my traditional belly portrait way of things.
This has become our traditional shot for these guys. We did it when Charlie was in the belly and again during his baby session. Its been awesome to see the progress they have made on the kitchen with these in particular too.
Expecting little brother to fill these shoes soon!
Such a big boy, following his shadow.

Right before he bit the dust.  Sorry Charlie. (he was fine.)
Picking the last of the tomatoes for the season.
So fast forward two weeks…… Rachel had baby Nicolas 5 days after our belly session! I then retuned when Nicolas was one week old for the baby shoot.
Charlie admiring his new baby brother.
One week on the job and he is already a great brother.
Sweet sweet little guy!
of course you can’t not also pay attention to this little man. 🙂 I love these next few with the blinds.

Trying to get Charlie to hold his brother alone, but he was a bit overwhelmed. He is using his hand signals for “all done”. Too cute.
The boys. (One mischievous one…….)
Baby Nicolas has been know as “Bun” Charlie was known as “Tiny”.  I love the matching tops.

So sweet.
Here is this years shot.This was Charlie’s baby shot.

Enjoy a combined belly and baby slideshow below!

Congratulations you guys! Its always great to see you.

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Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies, Philadelphia

Jack and Bobby, Moodybaby Twins

I finally got to meet these adorable twins! Chris & Mary, one of my couples from a few years ago, had these two adorable boys last year! They are identical and seriously hard to tell the two apart. I’ll confess I am forgetting now which is which. haha!

I believe this is Jack…..

And Bobby
The lovely family!
Dad and Bobby.
We did a similar image on their engagement shoot and thought it would be funny to try it again with two squiggly little one year olds.
They do everything together.
So adorable these boys.
Little hands.
Bobby? haha! Oh man its so hard.
Double duty lunch time.
Super parents. Each has one kid at all times. You guys are amazing.
It was so great to see everyone!

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Monday, October 15th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies, Philadelphia

Baby Declan, Newborn Moodybaby Portraits

 I visited Jennifer and Dan a few weeks ago and met their new little guy Declan. He is so sweet and I am sure has already changed so much! They have transitioned very well from newly weds to parents. 🙂 Congratulations you guys.

Close up with dad!
The other children wanted to be involved too.
Love the snugly newborn pics!
Sweet squishy baby boy.It was great seeing you two! Enjoy your slideshow.

Declan from JoyMoody on Vimeo.

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Thursday, October 11th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies, Philadelphia

Noah & Lucy, Philadelphia Moodybabies

Noah & Lucy were so adorable! I had a lovely morning hanging out with them!

Noah likes to take out all his toys and get in the basket.
Lucy didn’t stay on the black velvet for long! She is a girl on the move.
Story time
Noah, the artist and a boy on the go!Chef Lucy.
Something I love about this.
A little family time in Rittenhouse.
The signature lollipop! (My moodybaby/moodykiddos are spoiled!!)
Lucy didn’t know the difference yet, so the bench was cool with her. haha. 🙂

Raaawr! Thank you guys for an lovely fall morning.
Enjoy your slideshow below!

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