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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

|Posted in Weddings

Marianne & Scott, Aurora Inn Wedding in the Finger Lakes

I fell in love with the finger lakes for Marianne & Scott’s wedding!  I had never been up that way before and it is such an awesome place, great places for wine tastings, the lakes are beautiful and its just overall a great place to take a little vacation.  The Aurora Inn was adorable and the perfect location for Marianne & Scott’s wedding.  We had a gorgeous day too.

Venue: Aurora Inn
Flowers: In-Bloom
Dress: Vera Wang
Make-up: Sara Scullen
Caterer: Aurora Inn
Cake: Mariann’s Aunt Terri
Band: Philly Funk Authority
Wedding Planner: Heather Davidson
Second Photographer: Adam Murtland & Don Haring


I started with the girls getting ready.

Scott looking excited and handsome.
The girls reaction to Marianne was awesome.
Might be my favorite of Marianne.
Scott seeing Marianne for the first time coming down the isle.
Loved the guys suits.
Marianne’s sisters reaction here is the best.
Love the simplicity of all the white details.
We took the boat from the church back to the Inn, Scott looks awesome here.
Something about this that I just adore.

The party was a great time.  The Philly Funk Authority hit it out of the park. They were amazing, possibly the best band I’ve heard all year.
End of the night goodbye’s.
Such a great wedding!  Thank you so much for having me out to document your day!
There are many more images in the slideshow below.

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

|Posted in Engagement

Rebecca & Glen, Conshohocken Engagement Shoot

Last week I met up with Rebecca & Glen for their engagement shoot.  We kept it local to their condo development in Conshohocken.  There were lots of awesome little spots to sneak into for photos and our timing for everything was impeccable.

One of my favorites.Joy Moody Photography Conshohocken
Glen was all about getting on the train tracks.  I put my foot down when he wanted to tie Rebecca to the tacks though… 🙂

Joy Moody Photography ConshohockenJoy Moody Photography Conshohocken
They had taken me on a little tour of the lobby area of their apartment and I LOVED this wall. Joy Moody Photography Conshohocken
I adore anything glass tile.  They look so swanky here.Joy Moody Photography Conshohocken
When we were inside we noticed the AMAZING sunset outside so we relocated and finished out shoot there.
I did not doctor this image. That was the real color of the sky.Joy Moody Photography Conshohocken
Had a wonderful time with you guys!  See you next year!

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Saturday, September 17th, 2011

|Posted in Weddings

Sandra & KC, Neshanic Valley Golf Course Wedding

Sandra & KC’s wedding day may have been the hottest day of the year but they kept their cool! We had a great time with them and you will see below that their first dance was tops.

Venue:Neshanic Valley Golf Course

Dress: Justin Alexander
Caterer: Merri-Makers (I must give a big shout out to these caterers, they treated me, my team and the band unlike ever before. I felt like a guest and very taken care of. I can’t say enough about them, great meal.)
Band: Gordon Webster Septet, these guys were so awesome.  I want to learn to swing dance now.
Sandra did her own make-up
Florist:  Scott’s Florist
Second Photographer: Stephanie Lugo, Thank you Steph for all your hard work
Assistant: Alexa Nahas, Thank you Alexa!

Sandra’s Dress was a two piece dress, beautiful.

KC looking mighty handsome.
Very excited to see Sandra for the first time.
A favorite.
Off we go to get married.
Sandra’s nephew was way too adorable. He was bribed by a toy car for these smiles. 🙂
The first dance was awesome.  Sandra & KC practiced for this for months, just recently adding the lifts.  They were anxious all day to get to the first dance. I want to dance like you guys.
I loved this band.
The guys got a little more comfortable in their tux-tees at the end of the night.

You can see more in their slideshow.

Thank you guys for such a fun day!

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Sunday, September 11th, 2011

|Posted in Weddings

Racquel & Danny, Normandy Farm Wedding

Racquel and Danny are simply amazing.  They are such a pleasure to be around, you can’t help but be happy for them and feel their love for each other.  They were already married  previously to this but they never got to have a wedding and celebrate it with friends and family, get pictures etc….  So this was a very special day and I am so happy that I was part of it.

Wedding Professionals that made this happen:

Venue, caterer, cake, florist: Normandy Farms
Dress: Rosa Clara
Make-up: Kelly from Face the Ocassion
DJ: Shaffer Sounds
Second Photographer: Pete Malone from 217 Photography.  Pete, its always so much fun to shoot with you.  Thank you for capturing some awesome images, which you will see some of below.
Assistant Photographer: Alexa Nahas, than you Alexa!


I loved their place card settings, the tables were named for all the places their guests were traveling from.

Racquel is Canadian, Danny English, together they are American.
Pete got some awesome shots of Danny.
Getting ready!Racquel put a genuine six pence in her shoe.
Their ceremony was full of love and laughter.
I love these next two.  There is no doubt in the world of the love these two have for each other.
Yay! Married… again.  🙂
Danny and his best man Frank.
The cake, bringing together the cultures.Love this moment in the first dance.
Limbo time everyone!
Congratulations you guys! I am so happy I could be part of your day.There are more images in the slideshow below.

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