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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

|Posted in Weddings

Rachel & Kyle, Fall Main Line Wedding

Rachel and Kyle were married last fall, I still have a few weddings I haven’t had a chance to blog.  We had a blast with them.  The weather was a bit wet but it did not dampen their spirits at all!  The weather actually cooperated with us very nicely, when we were out taking photographs the rain stopped.  This was a very exciting time, Rachel and Kyle had been building their frequent flyer miles as a big majority of their relationship had been long distance. Kyle had just moved up to the area about a month before the wedding and they were very ready to begin their lives together in one city.

Thank you to David Schrott for shooting with me that day! The ceremony was held at Great Valley Presbyterian in Malvern and the reception at the High Point.

Rachel and her family did the flower arrangements themselves.

A nice little detail, Kyle getting ready with his vows.A nice pop of color for Rachel’s shoes. concentration Rachel always has this big smile! I love this. The tan suits with orange ties was a great compliment to each other. Married! They were very excited to ring the church bell after coming down the isle. This one is for Rachel’s grandpa.  He just passed away last month.  Pictures and moments are so important.
(I’m very sorry for your loss Rachel but I am happy to have got such a nice photo of you and him on your wedding day.)cutie pie! These guys were all about the footwear. We had a lot of fun with the groomsmen and their socks. You should see a recurring theme by now with me and bridal parties.  I will make you run. 🙂 Your wedding day come with rain?  No problem. Lets have fun with it. Like I said, off and on rain but that didn’t stop us! Such a great bridal party, not once did anyone complain about the weather. Cool cats. Rachel was simply radiant. I brought her a pair of rain boots so she wouldn’t have to worry about ruining her pretty wedding shoes.  I love the little details. One of my favorites. I just got a lovely thank you card with this image on it!  Thanks guys! Another favorite I still to this day think about this donut cake. It was amazing. The smell of the donuts filled the room, my stomach growls now just thinking about it. This was special because it was the first time Rachel’s parents had danced together. Recognize this from my blog header? Kyle had a cool change of clothes to leave in so we went out for a mini photo shoot at the end of the night. These guys are too adorable.

Check out their slideshow below for more.

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Friday, April 23rd, 2010

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Miranda & Dave, Palm Springs California Wedding

Dave and Miranda had a fantastic wedding out in Palm Springs last month.  They both happen to be friends of ours, they started dating the same time Don and I started dating.  They were and well still are part of our scooter club, you will notice a scooter theme going on here. Dave and Miranda are both scientists, which you wouldn’t necessarily guess,  they are two very smart people in life and in love.  They moved out to California a few years ago, sure we miss them but it always gives us a good reason to get out there and visit.  They chose Palm Springs for their wedding and I don’t think it could have suited them more.  Everything was held at the Horizon Hotel, an awesome 50’s style hotel that we had all to ourselves.  In typical California fashion they had a gorgeous sunny day!

A few other super awesome people that made this day possible:

hair/make-up: Chelsey Booth

Cake & Dessert: Palm Springs Pastry Co, Melanie

Planner/Florals: Joyful Weddings & Events, Courtney

boutonnieres: Pixel & Hank you can see their etsy store here.

Caterer: Sherman’s Deli Catering, Gordon ( I am still thinking about the awesome pasta I had that night, soooo good!)

Last but not least Dave and Miranda’s good friend Tim Loftus did the officiating and Andy Rassmussen provided the DJ entertainment.

(Don provided the wonderful scooter heart graphic and this illustration, the drawing was the feature of their wedding announcements)

illustration by Don Haring Jr.

A few details

I loved the boutonnieres, Miranda found them on Etsy. A very dapper David Good looking group of guys, they dress up so nicely! I always do fun action sequence stuff and there is always one from the sequence that I love on its own. Getting dressed! Yeah, this girl is ready to get hitched! The ladies.  I love the layers the blue sky makes with the white wall and the pool. Cool. Dave waiting for Miranda’s entrance Their dogs Ernie and Little Ann were the ring bearers, Ernie wants to go see his mama here! Hitched! A lively bridal party Scooter socks for the boys.  Yeah, one of the coolest pairs of socks I have seen. The residence AKA bridal suite was so cool we had to do some portraits there. Love this one. Two cool cats. Umm, yeah, of course we had to include the scooter! One of my favorites A few details from the reception I want to go back.  It was gorgeous. mmmm yummy. Miranda and all her cousins, yes all those girls are her cousins aside from a few bridesmaids, did a choreographed dance to “single ladies” It was awesome. The night wouldn’t be complete without some fun dancing pics! I laugh every time I see this one.

The slideshow is a big one! Be sure to check it out.

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

|Posted in moodybabies

Baby Max and Big Sister Meena, Moodybaby Sessions

I had a wonderful time with Meena and Max last week!  You may recognize Meena from previous shoots, though she is getting so big.  She is two, experiencing some of the terrible two’s but all the while being adorable. Max is such a happy content little guy, he is six months.

Maddy lounging on the couch, this is her spot.  Meena being a sweet big sister reading to Max.Eating bubbles Meena’s dinner is open for business. A terrible two episode.  Gotta take it all in! Shannon’s favorite tree. Funny faces Meena making her own lunch. Time for Max’s close up on the velvet!  This guy is too stinking cute. Peanut butter face. You wouldn’t want to see this one in color.  Much cuter in black and white. 🙂 Max was not ready for me to go, he is saying here “hey I just got warmed up!  You can’t leave yet!” See, look how cute I am! It is always so much fun with you guys!  It was great meeting Max, see you guys in September.

Many more fun images in the slideshow, check it out.

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Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Kim & Mike, Philadelphia Engagement Shoot

I had a ton of fun with Kim and Mike!  We met up first to have a few drinks and to catch up on things, while waiting for the light to get just right. It was such a gorgeous day and with everything in bloom it just made it all that much better. Mike certainly kept things lively and Kim had a constant smile and glow. They are getting married coming up in May, right around the corner from my house!  I am very excited to shoot in my cute little town of Skippack!

Love that yummy light.

pedestrians crossing!When shooting around the art museum its good to get a different view. Kim has the most amazing eyes!!! I love this one.  Cool perspective. The perfect way to end the day!

At the end of this shoot we went to get a bite to eat and I locked my keys in the trunk of my car! haahaha, what can ya do? Go get dinner and don’t stress.  Luckily these guys live near to me and they were nice enough to give me a ride home.  I was parked in a safe spot so I just got my car the next day, all was safe and sound.

Thank you guys for the ride home and a wonderful evening, you are awesome and the wedding will be a blast!

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Teresa & Chris Philadelphia Engagement Shoot

Saturday I spent the afternoon with Teresa & Chris.  I had been thinking about their engagement shoot for a long time.  We had talked a lot about what we wanted to do and they did not want to do the typical engagement shoot pictures, which is always fine by me I love doing different things!  After a little interview with them about the things they liked to do together we decided a documentary type of shoot would suit them best.  We headed to the Reading Terminal to do some shopping for an awesome lunch.  Teresa and Chris are happiest cooking, hanging out in their new home (her grandma’s old house) and chilling with their pup Buckley. It was a great day and such a nice change of pace for me, challenging and fun.

We started by picking out the wine for the day, we also tasted some.

We picked out some fresh produce.

Before making lunch we took Buckley for a walk down to where Teresa’s parents used to live.  The mural arts program did this awesome mural on the side of their house and it means a lot to Teresa and her family history.  The girl in the mural is actually her sister and the dog was their old family beagle.  So sweet.  It was cool to include Buckley in the mix. big yawn!

I love this one of them.

A few little details

Looks delicious!

Buckley waiting for goodies to magically drop.  He was actually waiting for the strawberries, he loves them.

The usual sight in their household.

Now the fun begins! During my little interview with them in trying to decide the best way to do this engagement session Teresa said that cooking and hanging out was what they really loved to do together.  That Chris was athletic and liked to cycle, while she was content to go to cocktail parties and dress up.  Well that’s just perfect if you asked me so I suggested they each dress up with what they like to do and we would make some fun images out of it.  When I arrived on Saturday I was very excited about this portion of they day and hoped they were still up for doing this, I had been thinking of it for months.  They were and we had a blast with this part of the shoot, as you can see.

d hehehe! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Buckley was mostly interested in eating the rose. 🙂 Such a fun fun day!  I had a great time with you guys.  We are going to have a blast on the wedding day. Hugs to Buckley and his super soft ears.

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Thursday, April 8th, 2010

|Posted in Weddings

Stephanie & Tim, Reading Country Club Wedding

I’ll be taking a look back at a few weddings from the fall that I just never had a chance to blog, but am still super excited about.  Stephanie and Tim are one of them. They got married on the last fantastic day of October, it was such a gorgeous day.

First things first I just want to mention all the other wedding professionals involved in the day:

Venue: Reading Country Club
Cake:  House of Clarendon
Dress:  Sophia Tolli from Cocoa Couture
Flowers:  Family Friends – Robert & Mary Pyle
DJ:  Majik DJ Entertainment
Video:  White Wolf Group
Photo Booth:  Shutterbooth Philadelphia
Hair/Makeup:  United Artists Salon
Second Photographer: The fabulous Jennifer Childress

I had so many awesome couples last year, Stephanie and Tim were at the top of that list.  Sometimes things just click. We had such an awesome time together and I’ll share a little note Stephanie recently sent me after receiving a little gift:

“You are so incredibly fantastic. Thank you so much for the surprise in the mail!!! What a great way to begin the weekend. You are so talented, and I love you mucho. You were pretty much just as important to me as Tim was on our big day. Heeheee ♥”
I love little notes like that, it just makes what I love to do even better.

I started with Stephanie at their house.  The rhino head is actually a mold of an actual rhino Tim caught, just a darted not killed. It was the perfect scene to shoot the dress.

Another little touch from Tim’s hunting adventures paired with Stephanie’s shoes. Getting ready was very exciting.

Jenn got some awesome shots with the guys before hand.  This little ring barer was such a heart throb. Stephanie and Tim’s dogs are part of the family so naturally they were part of the wedding.  Funny side note, I had no idea this was happening so when the dogs came barreling down the isle it was a sight to be seen. There is that little hearth throb again. Man this guy knows how to work a camera. Tim is such great guy, looking mighty handsome here too. My all time favorite portrait of Stephanie from the day. There was a lot to that dress, so we had to show it off with some twirling. The reception was at the Reading Country Club, both Stephanie and Tim worked there at one point or another. Tim is a terror with the golf cart I must say. Love this first dance shot. Yep this one is in the blog header… Love the twirl of her dress, even when it was bustled. The night ended with a sparkler send off.  It was awesome. We had such a blast, Stephanie, Tim and the whole wedding party were so much fun.

I do have a slideshow below so be sure to check it out.

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Monday, April 5th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Allie & Brent, Engagement Shoot Aronimink Golf Club

Saturday I met up with Allie & Brent at Aronimink to take some images and play some golf. They both live in NYC, but Allie’s family lives in the area and the wedding will be at Aronimink this fall so we figured it would be good to check out the grounds and takes some pics.  They are a super sweet couple, we had a great time and they schooled me in golf.  I think it may have actually been the first time I was on a golf course with people actually playing, terrible I know.

Before the golfing, we did some nice portraits.

I love this.

Heading out to hit some balls.Aronimink Golf Club

I loved this little house in the middle of the course.Aronimink Golf Club

Aronimink Golf Club Aronimink Golf Club

A little lesson, just for fun. 🙂Aronimink Golf Club

It was a lot of fun photographing them doing something they both love to do together and at the same time have some fun with portraits.

Aronimink Golf Club Aronimink Golf Club Aronimink Golf Club Those are just a few of my favorites.

Its crazy that wedding season is here already!  April will be deemed engagement shoot month!

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Friday, April 2nd, 2010

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Miranda & Dave, Photobooth fun time.

This is the first time I have set up a photobooth for a wedding. It was a self service station, you took your own images by a remote control.  It was a lot of fun and well received.  Big thank you to Miranda’s wedding planner Courtney for setting up the backdrop!

Images from the wedding will be coming soon.

Miranda strutting her stuff.

This was a test shot I did of Don, I happen to really love it.

This one happens to be my absolute favorite, one of Miranda’s little cousins.

It was so much fun going through these to see what treasures awaited! You have to love a photo booth!  If you want me to set up one for your wedding let me know.

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