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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

|Posted in Philadelphia, Weddings

Peg & Steve, Philadelphia Wedding

We had such a blast at this wedding! Peg & Steve’s families are so much fun! Its was the most perfect October day you could ask for.

Some of the professionals that made this day turn out so beautiful.

Venue: The Philadelphia Westin
Florist: Robertson’s Flowers
Dress: Melissa Sweet
Make-up: Meg English
Cake: Night Kitchen Bakery
Band: Sid Miller Dance Band
Second Photographer: Stephanie Lugo, Stephanie you continue to make me proud!  Its so fun having you shoot with me.

Peg’s parents house is simply amazing.  I want to move in. 🙂 You will why see below.
Peg’s dress looked awesome in the window.
The flower girlsAll of Peg’s detailsLOVED this wall. Steve in true form.Peg’s dad and brothers looking mighty cool.The big reveal!A little blingAll in the family, some proud brothers Peggy has.Peg was stunningThe boys took some down time as an opportunity to play some hoops.I love this one.Stephanie got some great moments on the trolley. Time to get married!Their priest gave a great personal speech and presented them with a gift.Married!See, I want to move in. We did all our photos in and around Peg’s parents house. It was an amazing playground, beautifully landscaped with yummy light.Awe, they are too cute.We stopped off at Broad Street for a few shots before heading to the reception.

The funny thing about this gum is that Peg’s Dad gave it to Steve as he handed her off to him at the church!
Love this family, they are always ready to have a laugh.
The Westin’s ballroom was gorgeous.Westin Philadelphia WeddingWestin Philadelphia WeddingFirst dance.The night was full of great speeches.There were a lot of children at this wedding and they were not afraid to take over the dance floor.Notice what is going on in the background….. 🙂 gotta love the kiddos.
Peg’s cousin Mary Kate sang the father daughter song.Peg’s mom could get down!

The “pants dance”.  A family tradition of the guys in the family. The guys all get out, hike up their pants and prance around the dance floor.
You had to be there…..Thank you guys so much for an amazing day.  I’m so excited for you! Its been such a pleasure.
Oh and congrats on passing the bar exam! (they found out their results the day of the wedding, they both passed!)
Be sure to check out the slideshow below for more image from their day!

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Saturday, December 24th, 2011

|Posted in personal

Merry Moody Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there!  I hope you are enjoying the season.

We have a new member in the Moody family this year, my nephew Maxwell! Its his first Christmas. I think he is pretty adorable.
Our first “real” moody baby, moody santa baby.

My mom is finally and Grandma, or Grandy I should say. She couldn’t be happier.Geoff, Gina, Maxwell and Skip.  Make a pretty cute family.I’m a pretty proud Auntie.Just a few more of Maxwell in his holiday outfit. 🙂 Love this kid.Maxwell is going to be tall like daddy.  He was only three months old here and in the 95th percentile for height. This kid is all arms and legs.Merry Christmas from the Moody’s!  And Santa Moodybaby!

I put together a little Christmas slideshow, because well why not? 🙂
Happy Holidays everyone enjoy your time with your family and friends.


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Friday, December 23rd, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families

Jimmy, Bree & Liz

The most laughing I’ve done on a shoot in a long time, these guys had me in stitches!! Liz contacted me to do a shoot with her and her siblings as a present of their parents wedding anniversary.  It was a nice change from the norm to do a shoot like this and these guys are so close it was so much fun.
We started off with some “formals’ at the house.These guys don’t like each other at all…….One of the on going jokes between them is if one of them isn’t’ there what kind of fun are the other two having with out them?
Jimmy seems left out in this scenario…
Awe, now Liz is left out!Meet Bree.Liz
And JimmyA good looking bunch.

It was so HARD getting these guys to smile, geeze.  🙂The last photo they had taken of the three of them professinoally was when they were in high school.  The time when it was “cool” to all wear the same thing, in this case white shirts and jeans. You know who you are out there and you know you have a similar picture to this that is hanging on your parents wall! Don’t deny it!
We thought it would be fun to relive the old days. 🙂 And have a good gag picture for the parents.
We even took it a step further, because well why not?
I just have to say you guys are awesome. 🙂
I hope your parents LOVE this.Hey there is a slideshow, look at that!

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Friday, December 23rd, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Meena & Max, Philadelphia Children’s Photography

I look forward to my shoot with this family every year. I’ve been photographing them since Meena was six months old. Its so fun to see them grow.
What a fun time we had on this shoot, this year we explored the big city!

Mr. Max has grown sooo much since last year!!Meena is as adorable as ever. I loved her pink coat.My favorite family photo.Meena, shy of the camera? NO WAY!We had the greatest time playing near city hall.Meena isn’t too into sweets, but Max had no objections to getting both lollipops! haha!
We had a new addition to the family shoot this year, Meena and Max’s cousin joined us for the fun times. 🙂Be sure to watch the slideshow for more images!

It was so much fun to see you guys!

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Baby Samantha

Baby Samantha has grown so much since our session last summer! Kids grow up so fast.
We met up in the city this year on a beautiful fall day for some family photos.
Love this seriesAwe, snuggles.
We had to make a trip to the play ground, of course!
cool cat at the playground!She was showing that belly all day, it was so cute!Enjoy your slideshow!!

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Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

|Posted in Engagement

Jennifer & Drew, Longwood Gardens Engagement Shoot

I had such a lovely day with Jennifer and Drew at Longwood Gardens this fall.
These doctors did very well playing models for the day!
You can’t go wrong with Longwood Gardens, beautiful spaces and beautiful people.
some favoritesLove Jennifer’s laugh!
Really looking forward to their September wedding next year!Thank you guys for an awesome afternoon!

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Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Baby June, Morris Arboretum Family Shoot

Its always a big compliment when another photographer asks you to photograph their family. Sarah is an awesome photographer and I was excited and admitadly  nervous when she asked me to photograph her family. Like all photographers she rarely gets photographs with the whole family, so its just as important for photographers to get shoots as it is for them to photograph other people. Does that make sense? Anyway, enough of the chit chat, I love this session!!

It was a gorgeous fall afternoon!June is such a cutie pie!!
A favoriteThey have been eagerly awaiting getting photographs with their matching shoes.Love it!

Check out the slideshow!
It was a pleasure doing this shoot for you guys! 

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Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Baby Charlie

“Tiny” also known as Charlie has grown up so much this past year!!  You can take a sneak peek at last years shoot here.
Love that face!

Charlie loves to eat! He should his mama is an AWESOME cook! there is a fun video version of this in the slideshow below.Fun with Dad’s glassesYou can’t get away!!He loves story time!So great to see you guys again and can’t believe how big “Tiny” has gotten!!
make sure to watch the slideshow!

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Monday, December 19th, 2011

|Posted in Weddings

Emily & Navid, Audubon Society Wedding

What can I say about Emily & Navid?  Where to start? I adore them, I have been so lucky with all of my couples this year and so thankful that Emily and Navid found me. They are so in love they made my job easy, I almost feel like I cheated some how.  The day was amazing.  A cool chill in the air, sunlight and blue skies appeared just in time for photos and the ceremony it couldn’t have been more perfect.

The other professionals that made this day happen:

Venue: The Audubon Society at Mill Grove
Caterer: Jeffery Miller
Flowers: Emily/Navid and bridal party assembled all the bouquets and boutonniere’s. The flowers all came from the Amish fam Triple Tree Flowers in Lancaster
Make-up: Jill Fullop
Bakery: Sweet Freedom
Dress: Morgane LeFay
Second Photographer: Stephanie Lugo, Stephanie is my new full time second shooter and she is doing an amazing job! Thank you Stephanie!
Assistant: Alexa Nahas, thank you for manning the photobooth!!

This is a BIG post…..

Some details to start

Navid trimming up that awesome mustache.Gorgeous.The first meet.Navid really went out of his way for his look on the wedding day. I loved it!🙂It was hard to narrow down…Loved the brides maid dresses.hehe.Their ceremony was a mixture of western and Persian. I loved all the Persian details.details details, see the mustache theme?They wrote the most amazing vows.The mirror was such an awesome addition, I had never seen that done before.Honey at the end.This kid, oh man I couldn’t get enough of him.A little preparation for the first dance.Another amazing first dance! Man this has been a great year for the first dance.I couldn’t resist. This kid just cracked me up the whole night.
He was walking around with every item he could put on from the photo booth at one point in the night.
If you watch the slideshow, you really should, you will hear the song Emily was singing to Navid at the end. It was beautiful.The knife dance. Navid had to bribe everyone to get the knife to cut the cake.You are missing out if you don’t watch the slideshow. Its a big one, so get comfy.
Emily & Navid I adore you with all my heart. Its been an amazing experience working with you and I know we will remain friends for years to come!!

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Monday, December 19th, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Baby Alexa, Main Line Children’s Photography

Oh my baby Alexa is going to give dad a run for his money later in life.  Watch out boys you will have to go through dad first!
Alexa was full of personality for our shoot, I love 6 months! My favorite age for baby shoots. In all her yellow fluffy goodness. Cant forget the first baby in the family!!One of my favorite family photos this fall.  Loved the colors.We put the pooch up on the porch but he really wanted to be part of the family photos.

Some of my favorites.One more time on the velvet, this time with some of mommy’s pearls. 🙂I had a great time with you guys! Love Alexa, she is so adorable and Dad you will have your work cut out for you later in life. 🙂
Enjoy your slideshow!

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