Lisa & Nam had an amazing day! This is going to be a large post, so settle in you’ll be here a while.

Venue: Historic Waynesborough Carriage House
Flowers: Paoli Florist
Make-up: KLP Hair Design
Wedding Planner: Lynn Gluck
Caterer: Jeffery Miller
DJ: Sound Sensation
Wedding Dress: Paloma Blanca
Second Photographer: Geoffrey Horowitz from Leapfrog Photography.  Geoff and my intern Alexa worked their booties off at this wedding!  Thank you so much for giving it your all on this big day!

We started the day bright and early, coffee in hand.  These are some of my favorites from the getting ready.

I love all the detail in the Vietnamese wedding outfit.

Lisa was gorgeous.
I love the play on focus Geoff captured with these.
Lisa’s dad pinning the corsage on her mom. Lovely moment.
The boys and the offerings being brought to Lisa.
Waiting to enter.
Nam and his mom waiting to be invited in.
The happy couple.
Lighting of the incense.
The offering of tea.  All the elders were offered and accepted tea, they would then give their blessing to the bride and groom.
At the Buddhist Temple.
Lisa and Nam’s families have gone to this temple for years.  They are long time friends with the monks that live there.
Lisa’s niece’s first time in temple.
I just love the irony in this image. 🙂
admiring their new bling.
When we arrived back at Lisa & Nam’s house we were surprised to find ourselves totally locked out of the house!
Luckily a very small bathroom window was open, so in to save the day their nephew went!
Time for a wardrobe change.
Lisa and her sister.
Off we went to Valley Forge for photos.
Nam is a volunteer fire fighter in Berwyn and his ladder surprised him by having the brand new fire truck waiting at Valley Forge.
We headed over to the arch for a few more photos, the arch has special meaning for Lisa & Nam.
The bench where Nam proposed to Lisa.
It was then off to the reception.
I love this little collection of portraits I got during cocktail hour.
Such a beauty! I love this portrait.
What an amazing day! Wow.  Everyone involved was just awesome. Lisa and Nam’s families were so friendly and accommodating, the bridal party was fantastic! Thank you so much for having us there to document your day for you.  Be sure to watch the slideshow below, there is almost 300 images in there, with a day of this magnitude it was impossible to do less. Settle in and get comfy.