I was pretty close to this wedding. Christina and I worked together for four years at Drexel, she was there from the very beginning as I started getting my business off the ground and running.  She was always one of my biggest supporters.  We shared an office and were very close during our time together at Drexel.  Christina would always have fantasies about when she got married and even way back then she knew she wanted me to be there to document her day for her. I wouldn’t have it any other way honestly.  Christina called me as soon as she knew she was getting engaged and knew the date she wanted to get married to make sure I was available.  Its kind of nice to know that my availability had some weight in them choosing their wedding date. AWE!  I am so happy she found Rich, they are perfect for each other in every way. I haven’t seen Christina smile so much in years and if you know Christina she is naturally bubbly person so add on love struck and man you have one beaming woman.

There were a lot of independent professionals/friends involved in their day, so there may not be websites for everyone listed below.

Venue & Catering:  Cork Factory Hotel
Flowers: Diane Komoroski
Video: Brock Pemberton
Make Up: Jaime Maurer
Hair: Sarah Beth Cooper & Jessica Weaver
Strings: Brandon Page (Violin), Catherine Gin (Violin) & Nathan Gin (Cello)
DJ: Kevin Hitchens
Second Photographer: Stephanie Lugo, Thank you as usual Stephanie!  Great job on this one!

Christina’s details

A little fun fact about Christina’s purse, I gave this to her years ago for her birthday I believe. It was nice that she incorporated it into her wedding. 🙂
Getting some finishing touchesI love that Rich has a goofy side.beautiful!!I LOVE THIS!These guys were so excited to get out some energy and jump!The first look!Cork Factory has awesome stair wells.Lovely looking bridal partyI love this frame from one of the motion sequences.It was so wonderful to see Christina as a happy bride!!LOVE!Love just pours out of these two.Okay a little shameless image. 🙂  I had to get a picture with my friend. 🙂
Props to the bridesmaid to handled my camera very well!!A little behind the scenes shot. 🙂🙂Playing on the chalk board before the ceremonySuch an awesome ceremony. So much love in the room.Love these looks. 🙂
So in love!YAY!!The Cork Factory was beautifulChristina and Rich had a lovely first dance.  They split it up into two parts, nice loving slow dance and then a more upbeat fun swing dance.  Christina is an avid swing dancer and she has taught Rich very well, he looked awesome!I am posting this because this is just a total Christina expression. 🙂 Love it.They did their parent dances together.Christina’s niece had a great time on the dance floor.It was a lively dancing bunch.I love Christina’s expression in this! They were throwing Rich up in the air and I think he got quite a bit of “air” if you know what I mean.Then it was Christina’s turn!The night ended with a lovely sparkler send off!
Congratulations you guys!!Be sure to watch the slideshow for more!