What a gorgeous day we had with Becca and Aidan.  With a break in temperatures and a little cloud cover it was the perfect day.  They both enjoyed relaxing mornings getting ready, hanging pool side and enjoying friends and family.  The timing was great, no rushing around and excitement was brewing till they saw each other for the first time. Lets get to some images, ok a lot of images, but first there are some other important people to mention.


Venue, make-up, caterer: Bear Creek Mountain Resort
Flowers: Still Creek Inc.
DJ: Jason from Synergetic Sounds, Its always fun with Synergetic!
Cake: Sugar by Summer
Second Shooter: Adam Gierke, Adam you were so much fun! Thank you for coming out to shoot.
Assistant shooter: Stephanie Lugo

We caught up with Becca right before the veil went on.  She was glowing.

Bear Creek Wedding
A little quiet time to write rewrite her vows for easy reading.Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
Dress time!Bear Creek Wedding
Crying room only please.  🙂  This was an emotional event for Becca’s closest friends.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as she got into her dress.Bear Creek Wedding
One gorgeous bride!Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
We did a first meet so we could have plenty of time for photos and they could enjoy the party after the ceremony.
Aren’t they adorable?Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
Portrait time, Bear Creek has a a lot of cool textures and spots for photos.Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek WeddingBear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
A classic and favorite. Bear Creek Wedding
I don’t think I have ever seen so many butterflies actually on a butterfly bush. We probably spent too much time just watching the butterfly frenzy in a amazement. Its like we had all never seen a butterfly. I am happy they posed for a few shots.Bear Creek Wedding
Yeah, checking each other out. Not to shabby, each of them is happy with what the other has to offer! 🙂Bear Creek Wedding
As always you have to have some fun in that gorgeous dress!Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
Look at those baby blues, popping nicely off that red wall. Mighty handsome there Aidan. Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
Becca was a really “tough” bride to work with…
A little freeze frame on a man down in the motion sequence! No worries nobody was harmed in this event, clothing was fine too. Watch the slideshow for the whole effect.
Aidan’s groomsmen had a little surprise for him. This seems to be a regular thing for these guys.
That’s one bunch of ugly groomsmen. I love it.Bear Creek Wedding
The Motley Crew.
I think Aidan was just a tad excited to marry Becca.
Love this look.
The beautiful day.Bear Creek Wedding
One proud papa.
Sealing the deal.
Yeah, congrats you guys!
Bling bling.
A taste of the party.
Becca and Aidan busted out with a surprise karaoke song for everyone. It was a hit. Watch the slideshow to hear the song they sang. It was a blast, but then again we all knew it would be right? Thank you so much for having me out.  I am so happy for you.

Be sure to watch the slideshow for more: