When you are doing a destination wedding, not doing day after session would almost be a disservice.  This is my first one and of course was also a first for Joe and Anna.  They were the perfect couple for it too, these two throw caution to the wind everyday.  But seriously, it was such a fun way to do things in the wedding dress that you would never ever do on your wedding day.  For those of you who are curious the dress was not ruined,  Anna’s mom took it home with her and actually washed the dress herself in Woolite!  Yep, I never heard of anyone doing that before but the dress came out good as new.

This was the Sunday evening after the wedding, we figured it would be better to wait to the end of the day for the best light and we knew there would be no way any of us were waking up for an early shoot.  We were all beat as it was and could have easily passed on going out to do this shoot, but yeah that was not going to happen.  We hailed a water taxi, the only way you can get out to Lovers Beach, we had the clothing in a separate bag.  It was a tad later than we planned on getting out there, but that’s no surprise…. 🙂  The taxi guys didn’t really want to let us off the boat either, we didn’t realize they were not supposed to take people out to Lovers Beach past a certain time and we were pretty close to that time.  We were told we had thirty minutes and they would be back for us… didn’t they realize I wanted more time than that, silly water taxi dudes.  So we hustled, I knew everything I wanted to do and to get it done in half an hour, well.  I don’t think I have ever laced up a bride so fast! haha!

Joe and Anna were great, it was such a fun shoot and because we were there so late that meant we were the only ones on the beach!  It was the best. We had a blast and while I would have loved another twenty minutes with them, when the taxi dudes came to get us we had done everything I planned on doing so really it was perfect.  Want to see some images, enough of my rambling?

The rock formations on Lovers Beach are spectacular!

Sun-kissed beauties
One of my favorites
For fun I put together a few gifs for you

This was the resulting image of the above run, they conveniently fell down and well might as well go with it!

Favorite.  I love how this doesn’t even look like the beach.
Gorgeous of Anna
Joe’s modeling debut, these two are hot stuff.
This is what happened next

Such good sports! haha!  That surf was crazy. It packed a wholop.
I love these last two, the moments after being pummeled by a wave.Off into the sunset you go!
So much fun!  This shoot was the best and maybe the highlight of the trip.

Congratulations Anna & Joe!  You guys are the best.