Wow, where to begin?  At the end of October I traveled down to Cabo San Lucas Mexico to photograph Joe and Anna’s wedding. I’ve known Joe for a long time, we were house-mates way back when in college at Drexel. I have only recently known Anna but in the short time I have it is very clear that she and Joe are a perfect match. These two are like the male and female versions of each other, its crazy.  And who has a destination wedding that 82 guests fly across the country to go to, well that would be Anna and Joe.  These people know how to party.  I’m going to head straight into the images and tell the story along the way.  Check back at the beginning of the week for more pictures from the day after session we did on Lovers Beach, those images deserve their own post.

I started the day with Anna and the girls at the spa, doing the getting ready thing.

I ducked out for a little bit to spend a little time with Joe and the guys. Check out this Don Juan or Pablo Escobar, which ever you choose. Joe fits in nicely here.
The penthouse suite was simply amazing.
The groomsmen. The crazy thing about this is that Joe’s son Alec is sitting next to him and the last time I saw him he was in diapers, talk about how time flies!
I love this one of Joe. 
Back over to Anna and the girls, almost ready!
Favorite of Anna, gorgeous.
Seriously, you can’t take a bad picture of her.
Another favorite, this was in the hallway of the salon.
Wedding time, these guys were so sweet.
LOVE this image, I forgot what this moment was and then after looking through the whole wedding again this moment is when Jenna (Joe’s sister who officiated the wedding) asked all the guests if there was anyone who came to Cabo for the wedding thought they should not be wed. It was a very funny moment. Of course nobody objected. 🙂
Gorgeous gorgeous day! I love the cloud cover.
Married! Wholy cow.
I of course have to have a little fun with the bridal party, even in Cabo.
Another favorite, but who am I kidding they are all favorites.
A little sense of place for you.
Joe and Anna had the best dance hands down of the season.  They had been taking salsa lessons and this dance was so much fun!
Parent dances, Anna did the polka with her dad and Joe had a wonderful moment with his mom.
Joe’s parents, too cute.
a little stolen moment
This group knew how to get down, this was a crazy dance party that is for sure.
Joe’s Aunt lead a traditional Lebanese wedding dance.
Joe and Alec, I can’t get over it.  Alec has grown into such a nice young man and taller than Joe? Crazy.
One more for the end of the night.
Check back next week for the day after session we did on Lovers Beach, the images will not disappoint.

In the mean time, sit back and enjoy the slideshow.  Its a loaded one.
Joe and Anna congratulations, what an amazing trip, wonderful friends and family.  I am so happy I could play a part in your day.

Be sure to check out the slideshow, its a big one.

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