I am sad to see one of my couples from 2009 moving away, but its a great opportunity for them and they aren’t going too far.  Soyoung contacted me this earlier this year to see if I might be interested in doing some real estate photography for them.  They remembered seeing the images I did of our old house when we sold it and half the success in selling a property is in the staging and photography. I was excited to do this for them and we did a few portraits of them in the apartment as well.  I believe right now they will be renting the apartment out so if you are looking for an AWESOME one bedroom apartment in Old City, right across from Elfreth’s Alley, this is the place.

Fantastic open kitchen

Great light and an open floor plan


A little wider shot to show you the kitchen and living areaundefined
A higher view of the living area.  This apartment has great floors.undefinedundefined
I did a few little detail shots for Soyoung & Stephen so they could remember their time in the space.undefined
Soyoung & Stephen, one of my favorite couples from 2009.undefined
Their typical use of space, I believe Soyoung spent many an hour at that desk writing her thesis.undefined
We went up to the roof to capture the view.undefined
Philadelphia will miss you guys!  Keep in touch and good luck with the Condo, I hope the images we got for you will help.undefined