I spent a lovely afternoon with the Rees family as they decorated their tree and prepared for Christmas a few weeks ago. Its the perfect session to get into the Christmas spirit!

I go way back with this family, I worked with Bill at Drexel for six years (when I worked there full time) and the last family session I did for these guys was when Connor was about Aaron’s age. Its been a while. Love this family and it was great to meet baby Aaron and get acquainted with everyone again.

This will be baby Aaron’s first time Christmas and he begins in the traditions of the family. You will notice the pickle ornament….. This ornament is usually hidden by Mom in the tree and on Christmas morning the person to find it first gets an extra present.  Fun tradition.  On this day Connor hid it for everyone else to try and find, he did a pretty good job!
Something about this I love of Bill and Aaron, like father like son?
Love those squishy baby cheek kisses!
This just fascinates me.  Look at Busters tongue!  He is totally picking his nose. 🙂
Connor has been visited by the tooth fairy a lot very recently…. He is probably the richest boy on the block!
The “usual” scene in the play room.
Time to build the train track..
Do you see a pattern here?
Aaron’s first experience with the train set!
Morgan attempting to find the pickle!
Time for a few more traditional shots, with personality of course.
Mighty good looking family!
The girls
They boys
Aaron is such a sweetie and cutie.
Love love this.
The jumping portion of this shoot was a hit.
I enjoy how Morgan has her tongue hanging out.
I am attempting a new way of slideshows……This is a first for me…and there is a little treat in this show with some video mixed in. Let me know how you like it.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!