Philadelphia family sessions will always be one of my favorite things to photograph! Especially this particular family, they hold a pretty special place in my heart. I’ve been watching and documenting them grow since AJ was a year old! We have developed a special bond/friendship and I just adore them all. This years shoot was a little more low key than our usual sessions. This was the final session before I have my baby, any day now, so I was moving a tad slower than normal. We did something we never usually do, drive to our locations, which on this hot day was a life saver! This year we focused the shoot at the Barnes Foundation. Its been a special place to these guys, a save haven, and a fun learning experience each time for the kids. It was also the first time, eek, that I have been there! They somehow convinced us to walk through the entire museum doing scavenger hunts for pieces of art, no cameras allowed for that part but we had a great time even if we couldn’t document it. These kiddos know their stuff and it was a lot of fun to see the enjoyment they got from finding the artists and their work. We had a lot of fun outside at the fountain, splashing and playing on such a hot August day. I highly recommend a visit to the Barnes, its a beautiful building inside and out! I plan to go back and spend some more time. As per our usual we ended the session with some cold sweet treats! Everyone deserves a reward like that after such an active fun morning out and about!

Naples 2015 from JoyMoody on Vimeo.