Its always a huge honor when another photographer hires you to do a photo session with them and their family.  Brett is a great photographer in the area and I have known him for a long time now. Him and his wife have an adorable little girl Emma.  She is gorgeous and is a good mix of the two of them but she could seriously be Brett’s mini me on many occasions. Brett and his family know what to expect for shoots like these so it made this session one of the easiest and quickest I have ever had.  (Not to mention we were being bombed by gnats and had no interest in hanging around longer than we needed to.)

Meet the Martelli’sCan’t forget big brother too! Pretty adorable family right there.

Brother and sister, sooo cute.
They are just cool like that.
This little one is going to get anything she wants. Look at those eyes.
Here comes trouble, cute adorable trouble. 🙂Cute couple, I must say.
Emma’s reward for being adorable and great.  And well it makes for some fun pics too. We both win.You guys were a ton of fun!  Thanks for thinking of me to document your family.