I had a blast at Springton Manor Farm with these guys! Jessica and Liam are two super sweet kids, I think they take after their parents. 🙂
Springton Manor Farm is such an awesome place to take your family, they have animals, we got to see baby piglets that were three days old, cool barn equipment, old structures and you name it it was a perfect backdrop for family photos.

Family Portraits Springton Manor FarmLiam is getting so big!  Last time I saw him he was six months old! He still likes cuddling with mom though.

They loved being tossed up by Dad.
A farm family photo if there ever was.Family Portraits Springton Manor Farm
I love this.Family Portraits Springton Manor Farm
We visited the chickens and the goats.
Jess is such a beauty.
Saying hi to the rabbits and the little piglets that were born only three days before our visit.Family Portraits Springton Manor FarmLiam can jump high!
A treat from me!  Later that day I got a message from Liam’s dad( “that was so nice that she brought the lollipops.” He also said, that next time we should ask you to bring something smaller so he can finish the whole thing.) I thought that was so funny!

Some big lollipops!
Mom and Dad liked them too.
A quick little snuggle.
I had such a fun time with you guys and the kids!