Hutch gets bigger and cuter every year I see him! (last years shoot) He is such a sweet little boy.

This year he is all about baseball.  He is actually really good too!
We took him for his very first ice cream cone! This boy was in heaven.
Standing in front of the ipod station is one of his favorite things, he knows his music.  He really wanted to hear some Britney Spears but I didn’t have the right song on my ipod and they didn’t have the song downloaded yet.  He was very specific, it needed to be “I wanna go”. He can identify the artists better than I can.
We went back out for another round of ball before bath time.
Hutchy does it all, runs bases, hits the ball and pitches.LOVE this.
We do the bath every year.  So much fun.
Just like last year we ended on the couch with pop-pop.
Always a great time with you! Thank you so much.

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