I spent a wonderful fall morning with Bodin, Ilyana and family.  These kiddos are so cute, Bodin was a little shy at first but when I asked him to show me his room and some toys he perked right up!

Flying a plane

We took some height measurements, the last date it was done was in August and Bodin has had a growth spurt since then.
Having some tea in Ilyana’s room
Such a cutie.
This is one cool kid.
The whole family
I love this one.
I’ve been wanting an excuse to shoot in front of this mural, these guys live in the neighborhood so it was perfect!
I really love the little candid moments
LOVE this, I mean come on!
This was just a funny observation, Ilyana really takes after her daddy.  They have such similar mannerisms!
A new way of drinking milk.
We ended with some story time.
It was such a pleasure spending time with you guys!  Thank you for having me over.
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