My good friends Ryan and Kelly just welcomed their second daughter into the world last month, Piper.  (Yes, most of you will recognize Ryan, as in Ryan Estes, the one and only.) He is a great photographer, but even photographers need other photographers to document their families, otherwise we would never be in any images. That is the one downside to being a professional photographer, you are always taking the pictures!  It pays to have good friends in the same profession. 🙂

I did a similar shoot for them when their first Daughter Vienna was born and I was excited to go over to do the same for Piper.

Such a good big sister V is.  This image is one of my favorites. So classic.undefinedA little out take here as we let Piper chill and keep warm under the blanket, we are checking on her here. Cute sleepy baby.
Happy sleepy baby, love this one.undefined
Ah, haha that face kills me.undefined
Thought Ryan would get a kick out of this one.  🙂  Look they are making the same face.  Accidents do happen and one must be prepared. (Luckily my velvet is the washable kind.)undefinedundefined
Piper says hello world!undefined
In the comfort of moms legs.undefined
Oh those feet.undefined
One happy Estes family!undefined
Love this.undefined
Vienna playing a game of duck duck GOOSE! (she was wearing down a bit so I thought it would be good to get her moving for a minute.)


I love this.

Much much fun you guys!  So happy I could come over and do this for you.  Piper is adorable and I look forward to seeing your family grow.