Ah, babies! Oh how I love the babies, my moodybabies. This time of year its so wonderful to spend time with the families and kiddos.  I spent some time with these guys to welcome new baby Helen to the family and celebrate the wild toddler that Sally is, Grandma was also in town helping out with the baby.  Helen arrived just two weeks earlier so its been a lot of work in this house!

Meet Sally, coming down from a mild meltdown.

Sally LOVES her little baby sister Helen! She is soo excited for the baby.
Sally and Hank, Hank used to be the only child. He is so sweet.
darling Sally.
oh Hank, how I do adore you. 🙂 He just wanted to be included.
Airplane time with daddy, the daddy perspective.
the calming after mild meltdown number two. 🙂 She is at that age where its one extreme or the other.
Those mommy lovey eyes again, a calming gesture.
Some baby Helen time. I love these Grandma, daughter and mother daughter.
Grandma beaming with new baby Helen.
Well hello Helen!
So tiny.
Sally very excited to welcome home baby Helen!
I see you!
Love this, Sally is an adorable child.

Sally is potty training, so the majority of the time she runs around in the buff. 🙂
This one will be a blackmail photo for future boyfriends.
pee on the potty and get a sticker, she knows the deal.
Hours of entertainment are had at the sink.
Dad and baby Helen were a tad exhausted and literally passed out before I left. It was such a pleasure to document this new time with baby Helen!
Check out the slideshow for many more photos from our shoot!