I had a wonderful time with baby Gabriel and family a few weeks back, not to forget the dog Schnitzel either who is taking big brother duties very seriously. 🙂 Laura and I both graduated from the photography program at Drexel, so I was excited when she called me up to come document this new exciting time in their lives.

Look at that face, serious heart melter.

Where baby is, so is big brother Schnitzel. He is seriously the sweetest dog on the planet.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. So much.
sweet sleepy baby.

Love some baby butt.

Mom and Gabriel get a lot of snuggle time.

The new family

Dad getting in some quality time.
Gabriel I think you need to get used to being showered with love, it is certainly plentiful.

You guys are wonderful and I had a lovely afternoon with you.  Gabriel is adorable, I can’t wait to see how much he changes!
Enjoy your slideshow.