Sweet sweet little Tiny, as Charlie was known as in mom’s belly, the nick name still stands as he starts to grow.  We did a belly shoot with Rachel and Trevor back in October and I was eagerly awaiting this moodybaby shoot to meet the new little man.

Trevor is doing his residency in Bloomsburg, he has been very busy with a hectic schedule so being home and “awake” with mom and baby for this shoot was pretty special.
I think Rachel thinks so too in this image.
A little nursing time.  I love the little swirls in Charlies hair.
“Ahhh, thats good stuff mom..”
He is a cute little chubby guy.
“Hey mom, look at me hanging out with dad!”

I love his little bassinet. He is very good at being on his own, but mom and dad can’t keep their eyes off him.
I think this is pretty much what all new parents do half the time.
Hey Dad!
I LOVE this image. I think this is exactly how Rachel spends a good majority of her days.
This is a tad conceptual.  They have been renovating their kitchen and when I was there in October for the belly shoot we did some similar shots here.  Except there was no sink, or counter-tops, or cabinets, or floor…..
We also did similar shots during the belly shoot in front of the bookcase.
Tiny feet and strong hands.
Rachel’s satisfaction watching Trevor do a diaper change! Yeah! 🙂
You guys are awesome, I love Charlie.  He is such a little cuddle bug, so sweet!!! I can’t wait to see how big he gets next year.

Enjoy the slideshow!