I love watching these kiddos grow up!  I adore this family and it all started when Mark invited me and one of my wedding couples up to take photos on his roof deck, who knew! Random acts of kindness blossom into new friendships and many captured memories.  I think one of the best things about capturing this family is that we keep it totally natural. No such thing as posing here, though when necessary I give a little bit of direction mainly for the group family images. So enough of me rambling, enjoy some babies below.

Philadelphia Childrens photographyPhiladelphia Childrens photography
Lots of time spent on the bed with these guys.Philadelphia Childrens photography
To the park we go.  AJ LOVES chasing the birds. Watch out birdie he’s gonna get ya!Philadelphia Childrens photography
Quickly learning the art of golf, seriously this kid has great form.Philadelphia Childrens photography
Introducing Miss Cecilia Seton.Philadelphia Childrens photographyPhiladelphia Childrens photographyPhiladelphia Childrens photographyPhiladelphia Childrens photography
Rittenhouse Square has been their home away from home lately as their new house undergoes renovations.Philadelphia Childrens photography
I just think Annmarie is gorgeous here.Philadelphia Childrens photography
One multitasking mama, AJ on mission to chase more birds.Philadelphia Childrens photography
CC sleeping through, looks pretty comfortable actually.
Who needs the gym?
New home!Philadelphia Childrens photography
Love this.
AJ loves this railing.Philadelphia Childrens photography
Yeah baby CC!Philadelphia Childrens photography
As usual you guys are awesome, always a pleasure!

Enjoy your slideshow.