I was so excited for Sue when I found out Josh had proposed!  Sue was a bridesmaid in Stephanie and Tim’s wedding last year so I’ve had a chance to get to know her a little and it was no secret that she was excited an anxiously awaiting the big question. This girl has it together let me tell ya.  She is getting married next August and she has everything taken care of, from photographer, videographer, planner, florist you name it, its done.  So next thing was to check off the engagement shoot! I headed out to Lebanon Valley and we had a super fun afternoon.

Meet Sue and Josh!

We went all over the place, but from here down we were on Josh’s families land.
The light was amazing.
Having a little fun…
The ring-bling.  And the really cool moss.
There are various corn fields all over.
Josh’s family also owns and runs the Lebanon Valley Farms Disposal and they were excited to feature some of the trucks.
Sue picked out her truck the night before and it was washed and cleaned especially for her and its photo feature. 🙂
Yummy light.
The ladies were curious as to what we were doing……Hello ladies!
mmm corn!
These two have the most amazing eyes.
We stopped to feed the bucks, Josh’s family also keeps deer for breeding. I love this image of Sue.
This guy has been raised here since birth, he is very tame and used to people.
So much fun! It was so much fun to see such a big part of who you guys are.  We are going to have a blast next year, can’t wait!