Rhiannon & Shawn are getting married in two very short weeks, well not even more like a week and a half!!  We had a great time the other weekend on our shoot.  They like to play mini golf so we figured we would start there.  These two are very competitive.

Yeah, game faces going on.

whoops! Didn’t make that one.
A little break for a quick snuggle.
Back to business. Shawn is not intimidated by Rhiannon’s stare, he can put with out even looking!
To make things a little interesting.  This round of mini golf was becoming too competitive, so I implemented a few creative requirements.
After mini golf we grabbed the dogs for a few pics.
Savannah and Georgia, too cuties and an inseparable pair.
A little dramatic light under the bridge.
Too adorable!!!!
I’ll see you guys next weekend!