I met Ben a few years ago when he sold me my VW Passat!  He was not your “typical” car salesman, haha!  I obviously had a very good experience buying my car from him and we have kept in touch since then.  He had told me about Jayme and their dog, at the time there was no engagement but he knew there would be at some point in the future. I made him shake on it that he would call me whenever he did get engaged and hopefully give me a chance to shoot his wedding.  Well that happened this year!  I was very excited to hear the news and even more excited that he remembered to get in touch with me. Its been great getting to see Ben out of his work environment and meeting/getting to know Jayme.  They are a super fun couple.

They are getting married in January 2013 up at Bear Creek, its going to be a fun winter wedding!!
We started the shoot wandering around Manayunk, they happen to live right across the street from the house I lived at in Manayunk years ago. Was fun to wander my old neighborhood.

They met while attending St. Joe’s.  They both lived in the Lafarge Residence and actually met outside one cold night when the fire alarm went off.
We roamed around St. Joes for most of our shoot, hit all the spots of significance for them.
They are adorable, no?
Now you can’t have a shoot with a car guy without his car… Ben is of course a VW man.
It was so much fun you guys!  Looking forward to 2013!!