Ditte and Dan are getting married one month from today! Holy smokes, how time flies.  We got together to take some pictures last weekend, first checking out the Swarthmore college where they will be getting married, then heading over to Ridley Creek to find the corn fields.

These two are quite the adorable pair.

At the amphitheater where the ceremony will be held.
There is this crazy red tree on campus.  Loved it.
Ditte (pronounced like Rita but with a D) has the most AMAZING eyes.
We found the corn fields.
Love this
A little play on American Gothic.
I corn see you!  (I’m a dork I know.)
A little battle of the corn ensued.
I love this next set as a little series together.
And as the sun sets our shoot concludes.
I had an awesome time with you guys! I’ll see you in one month!