This is going to be an epic blog post. Trish and Pro were married this past October at the Crystal Tea Room. Trish is Vietnamese/Chinese and Pro is Hindu. Needless to say there are many traditions that go along with each culture. They had their tea ceremony a few weeks before the Hindu ceremony and western ceremony. They have had a full calendar of events! We were with them for the Indian ceremony and the western ceremony. I love these weddings, one of my favorite to shoot. The energy and song and dance is the best! The aunts got Trish ready with her sari and traditional bengali face paintings. Pro and his entourage danced across Broad Street to the Crystal Tea Room in the baarat. He was met by his family and Trish’s family with the gifts and blessings. All the guests followed up to the atrium where Trish was brought in, hidden with two leaves until just the right time under a canopy. The ceremony was beautiful, I’ll let the pictures below do the talking. After the Hindu ceremony the bridal party went back to the hotel to start the getting ready process again, this time for the western ceremony. We had a little photo session at City Hall and then back to Crystal Tea Room. Their good friend presided over them for the ceremony which made it all that more special. After that it was time to party and let loose! Pro even go up on stage at the end of the night to shred on the guitar! (That’s the short and sweet version, I’ll let you get to the slideshow and images!)


Venue: Crystal Tea Room
Caterer: Finley Catering
Wedding Planner: Kaleidoscope Solutions Jen Supper
Florist: Carl Alan
Hair & Make-up: Bella Angel
Band: Love Jones Band
Videographer: First Floor Films
Second Photographer: Linette Kielinski

Trish & Pro from JoyMoody on Vimeo.