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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Emily & Navid, Old City & Italian Market Engagement Shoot

I can’t say enough about Emily & Navid.  This was my first time meeting Navid but Emily and I had been in touch numerous times and just hit it off from the start.  Just from seeing how Emily talked about Navid in our meetings I knew she was head over heels for this man.  Seeing the two of them together, wow, you just see the love pouring out of them.  They are naturals in front of the camera and it was such a pleasure to photograph them.  There are times when more direction is needed but in this case I felt like a bystander just documenting. Navid has such a charming yet sarcastic (this is very good) quality about him, he made me laugh the whole time. I’ll let the pictures do the talking now….

Loved Emily’s vintage dress and she wore her grandma’s shoes.

They met online and Emily’s tag line was that she preferred pink carnations to red roses.
Seriously, you can feel the love.
Navid saying, hey where’s my ring? The girls get all the bling.
practicing a little waltz
Who doesn’t love throwing up some leaves?
We headed over to the Italian Market to pick up some goodies for dinner.
Don’t even think about shoplifting from this store.
Emily’s engagement ring is a pink sapphire.
I think I may be a bit spoiled with my couples cooking for me!  Such a yummy meal and fantastic company.  Thank you guys! I may need some Emily and Navid time before the wedding in October!  I don’t want to wait that long till I see you guys again. 🙂

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Pam & Bill, Chaddsford Winery Engagement Shoot

Pam & Bill are getting married in May, they are such an adorable couple.  We met up at Chaddsford Winery to do their engagement shoot.  The people at Chaddsford are very accommodating and always happy to escort you down to the cellar where all the barrels are for pictures. Its always a great experience there.

Meet Pam & Bill

Chaddsford WineryChaddsford Winery
I was summoning Pam’s inner model….Chaddsford WineryChaddsford Winery
We headed outside to brave the chilly fall air for a bit.Chaddsford WineryChaddsford WineryChaddsford Winery
Love thisChaddsford Winery
Yes, this looks so fake right?  This tree was amazing.  Gorgeous color, Pam & Bill fit in perfectly.Chaddsford Winery
Another one I love.Chaddsford WineryChaddsford Winery
I love how dramatic Pam’s eyes are.Chaddsford WineryChaddsford WineryChaddsford WineryChaddsford Winery
Thank you guys!  It was  lot of fun and you guys did great.  Can’t wait to see you in May.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

|Posted in Maternity, moodybabies

Baby Chase and Big Sister Eve, Philadelphia Family Portraits

Last I visited these guys Chase was just a bump in moms belly, I don’t believe I ever shared any of the belly shots on the blog!

Eve was very excited then to be a big sister and she is doing a fantastic job with the title now as you will see.

We started off our session outside playing on the swing.
Chase is now eight months old! Crazy how time flies.
These guys are just an adorable family.
I think this may just be the most perfect family portrait….
Time for little Chase’s close up.
I loved his little toes
Making dad proud, excited about the Porsche book!
Eve is such a good big sister.
I love this!
We ended with a pillow fight.  🙂I had so much fun with you guys!
Be sure to check out the slideshow for more images.

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Monday, November 22nd, 2010

|Posted in Weddings

Ditte & Dan, Swathmore College & Distrito Restaurant Wedding

Its been a crazy busy end to an amazing season!  I have a long line up of posts to share and many have been anxiously been awaiting Ditte and Dan’s.  Without further ado lets get to some images!

Ceremony Location: Swathmore College Scott Arboretum Ampitheater
Reception: Distrito Restaurant
Day of Coordinator: Erin Proud, Proud to Plan
Cake: Brown Betty
Second Photographer: Adam Lerner, Thank you so much Adam it was a pleasure shooting with you!

Ditte and Dan had a gorgeous fall day, perfection.  Love and emotion was just emanating off everyone all day, everyone so happy and excited for Ditte and Dan.  Almost all the guests came from long distances to celebrate these two.

We will start of with the dress.

Swathmore College Wedding
Ditte writing down her vows.Swathmore College Wedding
Ditte had two pairs of shoes and I loved her bouquet. Swathmore College WeddingSwathmore College WeddingSwathmore College WeddingSwathmore College Wedding
Ditte’s brother walked her down the isle.Swathmore College Wedding
Dan was anxious to see her.Swathmore College Wedding
I adore this, so sweet.  They were both so emotional during the ceremony.Swathmore College WeddingSwathmore College Wedding
I love the officiants expression, making sure the rings are exchanged properly!Swathmore College Wedding
Married!!Swathmore College WeddingSwathmore College WeddingSwathmore College Wedding
We did a few photos on Swathmore’s campus before heading to Distrito.Swathmore College WeddingSwathmore College Wedding
Lots of Mexican flare.Distrito Wedding
It is a big tradition for the Danish to have many speeches at weddings and there were many speaches given for Ditte and Dan.  I love this shot during Ditte’s mom’s speech. Distrito Wedding
Bringing two cultures togetherDistrito WeddingDistrito Wedding
I stole them away for a few more portraits in the restaurant.Distrito WeddingDistrito WeddingDistrito Wedding
Their first dance was so sweet.Distrito Wedding
Another Danish tradition it to cut the toes of the grooms socks off, Ditte is cheering this on!Distrito Wedding
Very expressive cake cutting. 🙂Distrito WeddingDitte and Dan it was a pleasure, I am so happy for the two of you!
Be sure to check out the slideshow for more images!

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Friday, November 19th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Jennifer & Dan, New Hope Engagement Shoot

Jennifer and Dan get this years award for quick action.  They booked me, scheduled their engagement shoot and we shot their engagement shoot all in two weeks time!

Aren’t they an adorable couple? They will be my 09-10-11 couple next year!

A little artsy
Love this one.
Makes me smile
I had never been to this little footpath bridge in New Hope, it was really cool.
Dogs are a big part of the family, so they needed their camera time too!  They moved so fast!
No hot dogs were harmed in the making of this shot.
Adorable little family.I love how yellow all the leaves were this year!

another favorite
We only did a little trespassing to get this shot.  This is someone’s driveway!  Can you imagine coming home everyday to this scene.  Amazing.
Congrats you guys!  I had a lot of fun with you.

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Thursday, November 18th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Dana & Alec, Old City Philadelphia Engagement Shoot

I had so much fun with Dana & Alec!  We spent the afternoon/evening in old city taking some pictures and then celebrated with beer and muscles at Eulogy!

I met them at their apartment first so we could grab a few shots with their pooch.

We started at Chloe, the scene of their first date. The owner of Chloe was so nice to let us in before they opened so we could grab a shot of them at the table where they had their first date.
They are almost too cute!
Continuing the tour of their first date we come to the site of their first kiss.
I love the genuine surprise on Dana’s face here as Alec really sweeps her off her feet.
Love this, Dana is such a natural beauty.
Alec had been bragging about how much he has been working out so I thought we would make things a little interesting here.
I have to say that I am very impressed with those push-ups.
A little play with some reflection.
Lost in the moment…
LOVE this
See, there they go being almost too cute again.
We were all ready to wrap things up and head to Eulogy but the sunset and the sky was too good to pass up so we headed over to Penn’s Landing for a few more shots.
You guys are adorable. I had a wonderful evening with you and look forward to seeing you again in June!

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

|Posted in Weddings

Rhiannon & Shawn, Lake House Inn Wedding

Venue: Lake House Inn
Flowers: Hairy Mary’s
Dress: Daniel Thompson
Make-up: Caroline Diamond & Jean Phillips
Caterer: Jeffrey Miller
Wedding Planner: Robyn Ball
Band: Janis Nowlan Band
Videographer: Tee McKnight
Second Photographer: Pete Malone of 217 Photography, Fantastic job Pete.  The boys loved you and its always such a fun time shooting with you! You got some great stuff, you’ll see some images of yours below.
Assistant: Stephanie Lugo, always love when you can come out on weddings Stephanie!

Rhiannon and Shawn had a gorgeous fall day!  Everyone was such a pleasure to be around and to work with!  Lets look at some images!

Some ring bling

Lake House Inn Wedding
Gorgeous bouquet Lake House Inn Wedding
One excited bride, look at those toes, so excited to get into that gorgeous dress.Lake House Inn Wedding
A few small details from each side of the preparation.Lake House Inn Wedding
Love all the little moments when getting Rhiannon into her dress.Lake House Inn Wedding
The sash was a work of art in itself.  It took a few tries and many bridesmaids to get it perfect.Lake House Inn Wedding
Beautiful RhiannonLake House Inn Wedding
Check out those eyes.  I have done zero to enhance these babies.Lake House Inn Wedding
I love love love these two of Shawn.Lake House Inn Wedding
wonderful moment with mom.Lake House Inn Wedding
The walk down the isle included a few sets of stairs. I love all the visual transitions here with her dad walking her down the isle.Lake House Inn Wedding
Married!Lake House Inn Wedding
Some amazing detailsLake House Inn Wedding
These two are too adorable.Lake House Inn WeddingLake House Inn WeddingLake House Inn Wedding
The Janis Nowlan Band had this party rocking.Lake House Inn Wedding
Love this! haha.Lake House Inn Wedding
There were many wonderful moments with Rhiannon and her mom.Lake House Inn Wedding
A few night shots to wrap up the evening.Lake House Inn Wedding
Love the movement in Rhiannon’s dress here.Lake House Inn WeddingYou guys were awesome!  Your families fantastic and the bridal party was so much fun.  Thank choosing me to document your day!

There is more in the slideshow! Be sure to check it out.

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Friday, November 5th, 2010

|Posted in moodybabies

Meena & Max, Fall Family Shoot

I love this family. We always have a great time together.  This session started with Max’s bath.  He is currently not enjoying bath time at all, so it was a necessary and very quick bath.
Poor little guy.

Awe, he really makes a case for himself doesn’t he?

He was still crying and upset through getting dressed and out the door, BUT once we got to the park he really perked up.
I adore this.
Sliding with daddy and sister Meena.
Meena making a break for it.
Max was doing really well walking Maddy and Toby.
Stopping to smell the flowers.
The family group shot was a tad challenging this year, but certainly not impossible. 🙂
I happen to really love this one.
We went through a lot of up and down moods as you can see.
cute Max toes.
Back home to carve and paint some pumpkins.
Pretty crafty!
A few more attempts with the whole family, I like that Maddy and Toby and looking through the door.
Max not knowing whether to laugh or cry, a little in between.
Being tossed by daddy was a winner!Its always fun with you guys!

Enjoy the slideshow!

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Thursday, November 4th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Barbie & Brian’s Anniversary Shoot

I think this may be one of the best anniversary presents ever. 🙂  Brian did good getting a shoot with me for Barbie on their one year anniversary, seeing as the first anniversary is paper what better than a photograph?  We met a long time ago when they work looking for photographers for their wedding, we all hit it off great but due to circumstances out of our control I did not photograph their wedding. They did keep tabs on me however and when their anniversary came up this past May I got a very nice email from Brian.  We have had a few months of anticipation leading up to this shoot and it was well worth it.  We had so much fun.  I think we all had side stitches when we were finished from so much laughing. These guys have such great personalities and chemistry together.

A lot of people include their pets for portrait sessions, but those pets are usually dogs.  Barbie and Brian’s horse Cocoa was a first for me.  I loved Cocoa though, she loved the camera as well.

Barbie is very proud of her mare and Brian.

Cocoa certainly had a lot of personality and wanted to know where I was and where the camera was at all times.  She heard me clicking away here and had to stop to see what I was up to.

Lovely family.
We put Cocoa back in her stall for dinner time and headed back out on the farm for some solo shots.
The soy bean field was glowing in the evening sun.
A little bit of fun.
Love love this.
When on a farm, must play on farm equipment.
Back the stables for a few more, love this one too.
This is the spot where Brian proposed to Barbie, its in the older part of the barn and I love the character. Seemed appropriate for an American Gothic inspired pic.
I love the character of this old barn and stable, I could have stayed here for hours.
Brian’s turn for a little fun jump. I like that the barn cat is just hanging out.
While up in the loft of the barn Barbie noticed how awesome this tree looked in the twilight of the evening so we headed over there and concluded a wonderful session.
You guys are too much! I had so much fun with you, it was so great to see you again.

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