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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Sue & Josh, Lebanon Valley Engagement Shoot

I was so excited for Sue when I found out Josh had proposed!  Sue was a bridesmaid in Stephanie and Tim’s wedding last year so I’ve had a chance to get to know her a little and it was no secret that she was excited an anxiously awaiting the big question. This girl has it together let me tell ya.  She is getting married next August and she has everything taken care of, from photographer, videographer, planner, florist you name it, its done.  So next thing was to check off the engagement shoot! I headed out to Lebanon Valley and we had a super fun afternoon.

Meet Sue and Josh!

We went all over the place, but from here down we were on Josh’s families land.
The light was amazing.
Having a little fun…
The ring-bling.  And the really cool moss.
There are various corn fields all over.
Josh’s family also owns and runs the Lebanon Valley Farms Disposal and they were excited to feature some of the trucks.
Sue picked out her truck the night before and it was washed and cleaned especially for her and its photo feature. 🙂
Yummy light.
The ladies were curious as to what we were doing……Hello ladies!
mmm corn!
These two have the most amazing eyes.
We stopped to feed the bucks, Josh’s family also keeps deer for breeding. I love this image of Sue.
This guy has been raised here since birth, he is very tame and used to people.
So much fun! It was so much fun to see such a big part of who you guys are.  We are going to have a blast next year, can’t wait!

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Rhiannon and Shawn, Bucks County Engagment Shoot

Rhiannon & Shawn are getting married in two very short weeks, well not even more like a week and a half!!  We had a great time the other weekend on our shoot.  They like to play mini golf so we figured we would start there.  These two are very competitive.

Yeah, game faces going on.

whoops! Didn’t make that one.
A little break for a quick snuggle.
Back to business. Shawn is not intimidated by Rhiannon’s stare, he can put with out even looking!
To make things a little interesting.  This round of mini golf was becoming too competitive, so I implemented a few creative requirements.
After mini golf we grabbed the dogs for a few pics.
Savannah and Georgia, too cuties and an inseparable pair.
A little dramatic light under the bridge.
Too adorable!!!!
I’ll see you guys next weekend!

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Monday, September 20th, 2010

|Posted in moodybabies

Baby Cecilia and Big Brother AJ, Philadelphia Moodybabies

I love watching these kiddos grow up!  I adore this family and it all started when Mark invited me and one of my wedding couples up to take photos on his roof deck, who knew! Random acts of kindness blossom into new friendships and many captured memories.  I think one of the best things about capturing this family is that we keep it totally natural. No such thing as posing here, though when necessary I give a little bit of direction mainly for the group family images. So enough of me rambling, enjoy some babies below.

Philadelphia Childrens photographyPhiladelphia Childrens photography
Lots of time spent on the bed with these guys.Philadelphia Childrens photography
To the park we go.  AJ LOVES chasing the birds. Watch out birdie he’s gonna get ya!Philadelphia Childrens photography
Quickly learning the art of golf, seriously this kid has great form.Philadelphia Childrens photography
Introducing Miss Cecilia Seton.Philadelphia Childrens photographyPhiladelphia Childrens photographyPhiladelphia Childrens photographyPhiladelphia Childrens photography
Rittenhouse Square has been their home away from home lately as their new house undergoes renovations.Philadelphia Childrens photography
I just think Annmarie is gorgeous here.Philadelphia Childrens photography
One multitasking mama, AJ on mission to chase more birds.Philadelphia Childrens photography
CC sleeping through, looks pretty comfortable actually.
Who needs the gym?
New home!Philadelphia Childrens photography
Love this.
AJ loves this railing.Philadelphia Childrens photography
Yeah baby CC!Philadelphia Childrens photography
As usual you guys are awesome, always a pleasure!

Enjoy your slideshow.

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Friday, September 17th, 2010

|Posted in moodybabies

Baby Helen & Sally, Philadelphia Moodybaby

Ah, babies! Oh how I love the babies, my moodybabies. This time of year its so wonderful to spend time with the families and kiddos.  I spent some time with these guys to welcome new baby Helen to the family and celebrate the wild toddler that Sally is, Grandma was also in town helping out with the baby.  Helen arrived just two weeks earlier so its been a lot of work in this house!

Meet Sally, coming down from a mild meltdown.

Sally LOVES her little baby sister Helen! She is soo excited for the baby.
Sally and Hank, Hank used to be the only child. He is so sweet.
darling Sally.
oh Hank, how I do adore you. 🙂 He just wanted to be included.
Airplane time with daddy, the daddy perspective.
the calming after mild meltdown number two. 🙂 She is at that age where its one extreme or the other.
Those mommy lovey eyes again, a calming gesture.
Some baby Helen time. I love these Grandma, daughter and mother daughter.
Grandma beaming with new baby Helen.
Well hello Helen!
So tiny.
Sally very excited to welcome home baby Helen!
I see you!
Love this, Sally is an adorable child.

Sally is potty training, so the majority of the time she runs around in the buff. 🙂
This one will be a blackmail photo for future boyfriends.
pee on the potty and get a sticker, she knows the deal.
Hours of entertainment are had at the sink.
Dad and baby Helen were a tad exhausted and literally passed out before I left. It was such a pleasure to document this new time with baby Helen!
Check out the slideshow for many more photos from our shoot!

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Friday, September 10th, 2010

|Posted in Engagement

Ditte & Dan, Swarthmore & Ridley Creek Engagement Shoot

Ditte and Dan are getting married one month from today! Holy smokes, how time flies.  We got together to take some pictures last weekend, first checking out the Swarthmore college where they will be getting married, then heading over to Ridley Creek to find the corn fields.

These two are quite the adorable pair.

At the amphitheater where the ceremony will be held.
There is this crazy red tree on campus.  Loved it.
Ditte (pronounced like Rita but with a D) has the most AMAZING eyes.
We found the corn fields.
Love this
A little play on American Gothic.
I corn see you!  (I’m a dork I know.)
A little battle of the corn ensued.
I love this next set as a little series together.
And as the sun sets our shoot concludes.
I had an awesome time with you guys! I’ll see you in one month!

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Saturday, September 4th, 2010

|Posted in Weddings

Becca & Aidan, Bear Creek Mountain Resort Wedding

What a gorgeous day we had with Becca and Aidan.  With a break in temperatures and a little cloud cover it was the perfect day.  They both enjoyed relaxing mornings getting ready, hanging pool side and enjoying friends and family.  The timing was great, no rushing around and excitement was brewing till they saw each other for the first time. Lets get to some images, ok a lot of images, but first there are some other important people to mention.


Venue, make-up, caterer: Bear Creek Mountain Resort
Flowers: Still Creek Inc.
DJ: Jason from Synergetic Sounds, Its always fun with Synergetic!
Cake: Sugar by Summer
Second Shooter: Adam Gierke, Adam you were so much fun! Thank you for coming out to shoot.
Assistant shooter: Stephanie Lugo

We caught up with Becca right before the veil went on.  She was glowing.

Bear Creek Wedding
A little quiet time to write rewrite her vows for easy reading.Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
Dress time!Bear Creek Wedding
Crying room only please.  🙂  This was an emotional event for Becca’s closest friends.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as she got into her dress.Bear Creek Wedding
One gorgeous bride!Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
We did a first meet so we could have plenty of time for photos and they could enjoy the party after the ceremony.
Aren’t they adorable?Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
Portrait time, Bear Creek has a a lot of cool textures and spots for photos.Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek WeddingBear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
A classic and favorite. Bear Creek Wedding
I don’t think I have ever seen so many butterflies actually on a butterfly bush. We probably spent too much time just watching the butterfly frenzy in a amazement. Its like we had all never seen a butterfly. I am happy they posed for a few shots.Bear Creek Wedding
Yeah, checking each other out. Not to shabby, each of them is happy with what the other has to offer! 🙂Bear Creek Wedding
As always you have to have some fun in that gorgeous dress!Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
Look at those baby blues, popping nicely off that red wall. Mighty handsome there Aidan. Bear Creek WeddingBear Creek WeddingBear Creek Wedding
Becca was a really “tough” bride to work with…
A little freeze frame on a man down in the motion sequence! No worries nobody was harmed in this event, clothing was fine too. Watch the slideshow for the whole effect.
Aidan’s groomsmen had a little surprise for him. This seems to be a regular thing for these guys.
That’s one bunch of ugly groomsmen. I love it.Bear Creek Wedding
The Motley Crew.
I think Aidan was just a tad excited to marry Becca.
Love this look.
The beautiful day.Bear Creek Wedding
One proud papa.
Sealing the deal.
Yeah, congrats you guys!
Bling bling.
A taste of the party.
Becca and Aidan busted out with a surprise karaoke song for everyone. It was a hit. Watch the slideshow to hear the song they sang. It was a blast, but then again we all knew it would be right? Thank you so much for having me out.  I am so happy for you.

Be sure to watch the slideshow for more:

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