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Monday, March 30th, 2015

|Posted in Children & Families, Maternity, moodybabies

Sophia, Philadelphia Maternity Photography

Philadelphia Maternity Photographer

This was my second belly shoot with Sophia and family, it was so much fun to see them again! Isabella has grown up so much since I last saw her, she is such the little artist. It was fun to see how much things have changed within their home, having a 3 year old take over your living room with all their stuff for example, in a good way. At the end of the slideshow is a little bonus video for you. Everyone is excited to welcome baby #2, I’m so glad we got to celebrate this new baby with another belly shoot.

Its been a little while since my last maternity session, I forgot how much I love them and love shooting with black and white film. Its great to get back to basics sometimes!

Sophia Belly #2 from JoyMoody on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

|Posted in Bellies, Children & Families, Family, Maternity, moodybabies

Baby Kayvan

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This post is a compilation of visits with the Sadri’s, from belly to baby over the span of a few months this past fall. I photographed Emily and Navid’s wedding back in 2011 and since then we have become great friends. I was at Laila’s birth, they came to my wedding and it continues. I was supposed to be at Kayvan’s birth too but since they are up in NYC now the timing just didn’t work in my favor to be there, so sad! But I made it up in the first week to visit and capture his newborn portraits.

This might also be one of the sweetest slideshows ever!

Baby Kayvan from JoyMoody on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

|Posted in Bellies, Children & Families, Family, Maternity, moodybabies

Angie Belly #3 and Family

Maternity Photography Philadelphia, PA | Moody Photographers

I’ve documented all of Angie’s pregnancies, new babies an all the family stuff in between. Needless to say she is also a great friend of mine. On this third belly shoot we decided to do something a little different and went outside to fields of Valley Forge Park. It was a great decision. We had some solid time to do the belly shoot and Pete met us a little later with the boys to continue with a little family session. Seems appropriate to post this today as baby #3 could arrive tonight! So if anything this will give Angie something to look at while at the hospital! Enjoy!

Angie Belly #3 from JoyMoody on Vimeo.

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Friday, December 14th, 2012

|Posted in Bellies, Children & Families, Maternity, moodybabies

Angie’s Belly….take 2.

Angie is due with number two! We got together for her second belly shoot a few weeks ago. (I’m still waiting on the film….but thought this would be fun to post before the baby anyway.) Angie is due on or near Christmas! Pretty awesome gift. 🙂 Want to go down memory lane? Here is the first belly shoot!

So let me explain….. 🙂 Ben’s newest thing is getting into the pet food cabinet. He takes out all the food containers and then climbs in. A little shuffling and some giggles later he emerges from the box. I just love the little hands closing himself in.

Sammy, well just because.

A little walk outside on a nice fall day.
Slow down!

I love the knowing exchange of looks here…..
Taking tabs for naps!Film belly pics will arrive soon, but here is a slideshow in the mean time.

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, Maternity, moodybabies

Little Charlie welcomes baby brother Nicolas. Moodybaby and Belly Sessions

Rachel and Trevor were expecting a new arrival so it was time for another belly and baby shoot!  We did it for Charlie and so now it was baby brothers turn. If you want to stroll down memory lane here is Charlie’s baby session and his one year session. Its been wonderful watching this little guy known as “Tiny” grow!

Charlie at almost two!

I captured a little of this guy on real film with my traditional belly portrait way of things.
This has become our traditional shot for these guys. We did it when Charlie was in the belly and again during his baby session. Its been awesome to see the progress they have made on the kitchen with these in particular too.
Expecting little brother to fill these shoes soon!
Such a big boy, following his shadow.

Right before he bit the dust.  Sorry Charlie. (he was fine.)
Picking the last of the tomatoes for the season.
So fast forward two weeks…… Rachel had baby Nicolas 5 days after our belly session! I then retuned when Nicolas was one week old for the baby shoot.
Charlie admiring his new baby brother.
One week on the job and he is already a great brother.
Sweet sweet little guy!
of course you can’t not also pay attention to this little man. 🙂 I love these next few with the blinds.

Trying to get Charlie to hold his brother alone, but he was a bit overwhelmed. He is using his hand signals for “all done”. Too cute.
The boys. (One mischievous one…….)
Baby Nicolas has been know as “Bun” Charlie was known as “Tiny”.  I love the matching tops.

So sweet.
Here is this years shot.This was Charlie’s baby shot.

Enjoy a combined belly and baby slideshow below!

Congratulations you guys! Its always great to see you.

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Saturday, February 12th, 2011

|Posted in Bellies, Maternity

Angie’s Belly Shoot

Its winter and things slow down a bit in the winter for photographers, hence my lack of posts recently.  Don’t get me wrong I am still very busy, just not posting to the blog.  Winter and spring tend to be my “belly season”.  I can’t really explain why winter is the busiest time for me and maternity shoots, it just is and its been this way for a few years now. I haven’t been posting too many belly shoots on the blog, mainly because its a pretty personal shoot and more artistic which also means a little too personal for showing everyone out there. Everything shown online or on the blog is always cleared with each person, I am always excited to show my work but its important that my clients be comfortable with what I show as well.

Anyway, I am rambling a bit maybe from my lack of blogging.

We did Angie’s belly shoot about a month ago.  They are expecting a baby boy at the beginning of March, so really any time now.

I loved the shadows from the blinds in their living room. Some of my favorite shots were with this light.
Pete is big into comics, so this is our superhero pose.
Angie is so adorable and most certainly all belly. 
One proud papa to be and the “bean” is actually cuddling up on dads side in this one.
Family in silhouette.
Generally I only shoot film for the bellies.  The images below are a bonus “treat”.
This was a fun outtake.
Angie and Pete had some fun snow pics done last year around this time and so we thought it would be fun get out and play a bit this year too.
She is such a cutie.
You can barely tell she’s pregnant here….
Thanks Angie & Pete!  I had a blast and can’t wait to meet the bean soon.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

|Posted in Maternity, moodybabies

Baby Chase and Big Sister Eve, Philadelphia Family Portraits

Last I visited these guys Chase was just a bump in moms belly, I don’t believe I ever shared any of the belly shots on the blog!

Eve was very excited then to be a big sister and she is doing a fantastic job with the title now as you will see.

We started off our session outside playing on the swing.
Chase is now eight months old! Crazy how time flies.
These guys are just an adorable family.
I think this may just be the most perfect family portrait….
Time for little Chase’s close up.
I loved his little toes
Making dad proud, excited about the Porsche book!
Eve is such a good big sister.
I love this!
We ended with a pillow fight.  🙂I had so much fun with you guys!
Be sure to check out the slideshow for more images.

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Thursday, May 27th, 2010

|Posted in Maternity

Belly Fusion video with Dave Williams of Cinema Cake

Last fall Dave Williams and I did a little fusion project together.  Two of his past brides happened to be best friends and also happened to be pregnant at the same time! Dave thought it was a unique opportunity to do something cool so we got together for a fun shoot! He just sent me a link to the finished video.  I think its pretty cool! Thanks Dave.  You can check it out over at cinema cake as well.

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