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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

|Posted in Engagement

Angela & Charlie, Philadelphia UPenn Engagement Session

I had a lovely afternoon with Angela and Charlie.  They both went to UPenn, they were a year apart, but they never knew each other during that time.  They met in San Fransisco of all places.  Funny how these things happen.  They have mutual friends.
For their engagement shoot we decided to re-visit the campus.  They each have their favorite spots and of course the day was planned around food…food trucks. It was also a great opportunity to make new memories on campus together.

We started off at Angela’s favorite truck.

Then we explored the campus.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined
They may not live in Philadelphia at the moment but it holds a special place for both of them.undefinedundefined
Charlie lived in the quad for part of his UPenn life and really wanted to visit it again. Thanks to a wonderful trusting student for signing us in!undefinedundefined
Then to a campus icon, the dueling tampons.  Yep, you read that right. Anyone who went to Penn knows it well.undefined
We randomly happened upon a petting zoo on campus.  So we said hello to the animals.undefinedundefined
Next up was Charlies favorite truck!  We all got egg sandwiches with different toppings and I have to say it was pretty awesome. Those rolls are amazing.undefined
We grabbed the picnic basket and found a nice spot to have lunch #2.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefined
To end things it was time for Charlie to get a new t-shirt!undefinedWe had a great time!

It was wonderful to see you guys and I look forward to seeing you in June!

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

|Posted in Engagement, Philadelphia

Lisa & Nam, Philadephia Engagement Photography

I had a blast with Lisa and Nam on their engagement session.  Lots and lots of laughing at ourselves and each other, what more could you ask for?
I am very much looking forward to their wedding in May.  It will be my first Buddhist ceremony.

We started off the session with their pooch Buddy.  He is a little over a year old and VERY playful.

Then it was off for the real deal engagement photos. undefinedundefinedTo get Nam loosened up a bit I made him run with Lisa. 🙂undefinedI LOVE this one.  I think its my favorite.undefinedundefinedThis is a good representation of the “laughing at ourselves” comment. Its not really in their nature to act on the romantic side of things so in the direction for this photo they just started cracking up at each other, which I quite like.undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedA little visit from the geese.undefinedWe ended at 30th street station since this is where the relationship began long ago.undefined

Thank you guys for a lovely afternoon and in trusting me through all the things I asked you to do! See you in a month.

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Saturday, April 16th, 2011

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Zayd’s three year photo shoot. Philadelphia Children’s Photography

I adore this family!  Zayd has grown up soooo much since our last shoot when he was six months old! My how time fly’s.  Michelle warned me that he was a ball of energy and constantly on the move which made it hard to get photos of him.  I brushed that off a little thinking, oh I can get a handle on this kiddo, just you see.  Well full disclosure this kid is all over the place and I see why I was warned in the beginning.  He gave me a run for the money that’s for sure.  Despite him not having any of the “nice family portrait” time, he had too much to do to sit still for a minute, I love the natural family photos we got. I always prefer those anyway. 🙂 Zayd was prepped for a few weeks before my arrival so when I was there, he was not shy at all in fact it was “Joy, come look at this…Joy come in here…Joy look what I can do….Joy…Joy…Joy”  🙂  We are best buds now.  His mom said since I left he is still talking about the next time I come over and what we can do for pictures and what he can show me. He is such a sweet heart and so mature for a three year old, its amazing.

We did all his favorite things. He loves macaroons and watching this kid eat them makes me want one every time!

They are originally from Australia so Michelle had traditional Lamington cakes as well.  Lamingtons are AMAZING.  I was sent home with a container of them and WOW, they are now my favorite.

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedThis one reminds me of one we got when he was six months old, below.undefinedA tad more cuddly at six months. 🙂 undefined undefinedundefinedShort break for more macaroons and lamingtons.undefinedDance party on the bed! Love Michelle’s belly pics I did in the background. undefinedundefinedCheese ball!undefinedThis is the reaction to his “auntie Barbara” coming to see us. I don’t think he likes her much, do you? 🙂undefinedI ADORE this.undefinedOOOH, he was offering a spoonful of gelato to auntie Barbara and then he took it back all for himself!undefinedAnd I’ll end with me and Zayd as taken by his mum Michelle.  🙂undefined

Be sure to watch the slideshow for many many more photos.


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Friday, April 1st, 2011

|Posted in Weddings

Kristen & Monsef Philadelphia Wedding Lippincott House

Well it must be the first wedding of the season seeing as I am blogging it within a week of the event!
Nice way to start out the season that’s for sure.

Kristen & Moncef were married at the Lippincott House Bed and Breakfast off of Rittenhouse Square this past Saturday. It was a lovely brisk day for a wedding and they were adorable.

Dress: BCBG
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Hair: Danielle Belmonte (Kristen’s sister)
Rings: Jeff Kellmer Private Jeweler
Cake – Cakes by Michele – Chef Michele Mitchell, Executive Pastry Chef, Hotel duPont
DJ – Doctors of Music – John Salamone
Food – b*smith gourmet catering (AMAZING food.)
Flowers: The Underwood Girls (that’s the collective name that they use for Kristen, her sister,  Mom and Mom’s twin sister)

A special thank you to Pete Malone of 217 Photography for joining me. We always have fun shooting together and you will see some of his images below.


Kristen and Monsef were a tad nontraditional, which I loved. This is a second marraige for both of them and they have been together for a long time.  It was my first time meeting each of them in person and my first impression of them was just total unconditional love for each other. They were as giddy as a couple newly dating and as comfortable as the couple they are and have been for many years. Moncef couldn’t stay out of the room as Kristen was finishing to get ready. He kept going in and out of the room as she was dressing, it was very sweet.


a few details

This cake! OMG the detail in this cake was stunning. All the work in the hand coloring of the sugar fruit, flowers and leaves. Wow.undefined
Meet Moncefundefined
They make a lovely coupleundefinedundefined
Here is that giddiness I was mentioning before. They were so natural.undefinedundefined
Kristen has a little sass in her.undefined
During the ceremony, lots of great expressionundefinedundefinedundefined
I love this succession of imagesundefined
Yay! Congratulations.undefined
Monsef’s two sons gave some very sweet heartfelt speeches.  It was so nice to hear them speak so highly of their dad and how proud they were of him.undefined
It may have been a small and intimate wedding, but this group knew how to party.undefined
In their own world.undefinedundefined
To end the night we went up to the roof deck for a few shots against the city scape.
undefinedCongratulations you guys!
To see more images from the day check out the slideshow below.

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Friday, April 1st, 2011

|Posted in Philadelphia, Weddings

Featured in PDN magazine’s Top Knots Wedding Photography Issue 2011

I am very excited to finally announce an image of mine making it into the PDN magazine’s Top Knots Wedding Photography Issue 2011!!  The deadline for entries always falls during the high holiday season and always gets put on the back burner for submitting.  I was determined not to miss the deadline this year and it paid off!  I am so thrilled and excited to be featured in this issue.  I can’t even contain myself.

You will recognize this lovely couple, Melanie and Joe, from one of the rotating headers on the blog and maybe you remember their wedding as well.  They were married in September 2009 and it was one of my favorite weddings that year.  They are such a sweet couple, great family and I couldn’t be more excited that their image was chosen.undefinedundefinedundefinedYou can find PDN at most any major bookstore, pick one up!


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