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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

|Posted in Engagement, Philadelphia

Jamie & Andy, Philadelphia Engagement Shoot

Jamie & Andy are adorable! We met up a few weeks ago on a hot/windy afternoon. 🙂 They are gearing up to move to Hawaii in a few months, Andy is in the service.

It was a gorgeous day to be out on Race St. Pier.

We had the darndest time with the wind……… didn’t like the cute banners Jamie made…..
But I did get one amidst the wind!!
Hunger set in quickly and Jamie had to introduce Andy to Dinic’s. Too bad I don’t eat meat….my Sprite was totally refreshing though. 🙂
A little fun in the market.
Love this one.
For their future Hawaiian adventure.

See you guys next year!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Luca, Franco & baby sister Siena, Moodybaby Sessions

Luca and Franco are two cool kiddos. I had so much fun with them, they could have kept me occupied for hours showing me their skills, their stuff and goofing off for the camera. I think they rather enjoyed having a personal photographer.

Of course we had to have a batman and joker battle. I mean come on, who wouldn’t!
They love their mama!
Their reward.
Little sister had been naping during all the crazy brother photographs, she was well rested and ready for her close up.She is going to have quite the protective brother army when she grows up.
Love this face!
We went to the pool at the end of our session. Its been their favorite thing to do this summer and both Luca and Franco passed their swim tests which earned them the right to jump off the diving boards and swim in the deep pool.

This was Siena’s first visit.
The boys showing me more of their skills.I had a great time with you guys! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.Be sure to watch the slideshow for more below.

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Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

|Posted in Engagement, Philadelphia

Ashley & Matt, Philadelphia Engagement Shoot

Ashley & Matt are getting married this fall, my good friend and colleague Pete Malone will be photographing the wedding as an associate for me. He met up with them a few weeks ago to get to know them and tool around Rittenhouse for their engagement shoot.  I’m looking forward to the wedding photos! Thanks Pete, awesome as usual.

Meet Ashley & Matt!

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Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families

Spicer Family, Ocean City Maryland Family Portraits

A few weeks ago I spent the weekend in Ocean City Maryland with a good friend of mine, Mrs. Marybeth, I had a few shoots while there and Marybeth’s brother and his family was one of them. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these kiddos grow up. They are a fun and lively bunch and Mom has a monumental birthday coming up so we thought a new family session was in order. 
A favorite.
Adorable Molly.
These two have been together since high school!
LOVE this. haha! kissie kissie face! Max thinks its kind of gross. 🙂
I brought down my bag of goodies for them to have a little fun with. 
Marybeth had to jump in with her nieces and nephew.
In sync jumps!

I did a few photos for Marybeth and Adam as well. With their kitty kiddos.
You guys were a lot of fun!!!here is your slideshow.

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Monday, August 27th, 2012

|Posted in Philadelphia, Weddings

Sarah & Eric, Downtown Club Wedding

Venue: The Downtown Club
Florist:  Papertini, Tanti did an amazing job.  She grew all the herbs herself and paid so much attention to all the little personal details of Sarah & Eric.
DJ: Shawn Ryan
Ceremony Music: Appassionata Quartet
Officiant: Elizabeth Frumin
Wedding Planner: Chill Weddings Christina Hill, was so great to work with you again!
Second Photographer: Stephanie Lugo, this was Stephanie’s last wedding with me. 🙁 She has moved to greener pastures in Texas! We will miss you Stephanie.
Assistant: Felicia Keiser

 Tanti did such a splendid job on the flowers.  She used an existing collection of old broches from Sarah and her family in the bouquet combined with the most colorful and wonderful arrangement of flowers. Eric’s boutonniere  was a beautiful sculptural piece as well.

A few more details.
Eric, mighty handsome groom!
Sarah was radiant!
The first meet.
They were so adorable all day. Big grins, so happy they could hardly stand it.
One of my favorites.
Love this too.
Serious/not serious. 
Loving the footwear.
Some more details. All aspects surrounding what Sarah and Eric love, cooking and beer.
I loved all the veggies incorporated and their cookbooks.
Cool bottles from Eric’s collection.  He also brews himself, I want to try some of your beer Eric!!
Loved the tea lights with beer labels.
The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt.
I love this series as Eric wipes away Sarah’s tears of joy.Married!
Beautiful yet simple cake.
First Dance.
Good times had by all!
I couldn’t resist this. I just love it. 🙂 
You guys were so much fun!Thank you so much for having us there to document your day!  You guys are awesome and it was a pleasure.
Don’t forget to watch the slideshow for more!

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Friday, August 24th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies, Philadelphia

Baby Isabella, Philadelphia Newborn Moodybaby

Meet baby Isabella.  Two week old squishy precious baby girl. I had a wonderful session with this family. It wasn’t that long ago that we did a belly session and now there is this adorable little girl! It always amazes me.

Nobody, even the fine furry friend, can keep their eyes off her.
Love these with Dad.
Watching Mom

Spit-up happens. Poor thing. We really put her to her limits. Everything that could possibly come out of a baby came out of this little girl during our session. She was totally pleasant and peaceful through it all though. 🙂 A whole new meaning to being new parents and having what is the beginning of many “firsts”.
Can’t leave out the original baby of the family.
You guys are too adorable.
Congratulatios!Be sure to watch the slideshow below.

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

|Posted in Engagement

Raquel & Greg, Ocean City Maryland Engagement Shoot

I met up with Raquel & Greg down in Ocean City MD a few weeks ago for their engagement shoot.  They live in the DC area but Raquel is originally from Florida and really wanted to incorporate the beach into their engagement shoot. It was her first tim in OC!  We had a gorgeous evening, had to race against a storm at the the end but it was some great scenery for it!

We caught the light just right on the beach.
The storm rolling in…..made for a gorgeous back drop on the bay.
Off to the board walk for a little fun.I’ll see you guys in two weeks!!!

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Monday, August 13th, 2012

|Posted in Weddings

Deb & Neil, Inn at Whitewing Farm Wedding

Deb and Neil are so sweet.  We had a wonderful day with them.  It was a hot and steamy July day but they took it in stride and the ceremony was beautiful and emotional for all who attended.

Venue: The Inn at Whitewing Farm
Flowers: Amaranth
Caterer: Samantha Julian
DJ: Mainline Exec Entertainment
Make-up: Lynda Waxman
Second Photographer: Stephanie Lugo
Assistant: Felicia Keiser

Starting off with a few details

A lucky indian head quarter
Deb ready looked beautiful.
Helping her new daughter Maddy get ready.
The first look.
The family is now complete. How cute are they?
The ketubah signing.
The grounds of Whitewing Farm were gorgeous.
Ready for the ceremony to start!
Its official!
A few details from the brunch.
The speeches were great. Deb’s sister got to read the typed parts of the speech and her husband had the honor of piecing together all the “chicken scratch” written in. It made for  an added comedic feel. 🙂
There was no denying that it was a super hot and muggy day, Neil welcomed the push from Maddy into the pool to cool off!
Congratulations you guys! Thank you so much for making us part of your day.Be sure to watch the slideshow!

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Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

|Posted in Children & Families, moodybabies

Baby Ellie & Big Sister Abbie, Philadelphia Children Lifestyle Portraits

Ellie is growing up so fast! She is a super happy baby too.  Abbie, who just had a 4th birthday, is doing well in her big sister roll. She is lively as ever and quite the dancer/entertainer. I had so much fun with you guys.
Go here to see the shoot we did back in January.

Because black velvet is always awesome.

happy girl
We did a similar picture to this when Abbie was six months.  This time there was an additional child and an additional cat.  BUT WE DID IT!
Mamas big girl.
hmm, dad might be a big ole softy for his two little angels.

Abbie showing me her moves.

Ellie working it too!
The girls
Abbie will be quite the performer as she continues through life.
Another table top series. I love how they are interacting with each other now.
Ellie’s turn for some high chair pics, we did them for Abbie when she was this age.
And just because I love it. hahaha!Check out the slideshow for more!!

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