I was so excited for Thu and Alex’s wedding. My first experience with a Vietnamese wedding. I love learning about other cultures and their traditions.

We will get into photos in a sec, first here are the other professionals that made the day go smoothly.

Venue: The Elkins Estate. (AMAZING place, I highly recommend this venue.  This was my first time there and its simply gorgeous.)
Flowers: provided by a friend of the family.
Dress: Rivini
Caterer: Culinary Concepts
Cake: Confection Perfection
DJ: Ebe
Second Photographer: Andrea Mecci
Assistant Photographer: Stephanie Lugo
(Big thanks to Stephanie and Andrea! They stepped up to help out in a big way on this day.  The one thing about being a photographer is that you can not call out of work if you are sick. On this particular day I happened to be very ill, horrible cough, fever and migraine. It didn’t stop me from doing what I needed to do to get the job done and with extra help from Stephanie and Andrea we made it through the day.  With lots of medication I was feeling much better by the time the ceremony came along.  Thu, Alex and their families were very wonderful to me as well and I am very grateful for that.)

When we arrived at Thu’s house for the first of two tea ceremonies this is how we found the men. They were waiting for the ladies to make their entrance and would be giving them their flowers.

Joy Moody Vietnamese Wedding
Alex presenting Thu with her flowers.Joy Moody Vietnamese Wedding

The first of  two tea ceremonies started at the brides house. They burned incense sticks, asking for permission from the ancestors to bless them. They then bowed to their parents, gave thanks for raising and protecting them and then bowed to each other. The tea and candle ceremony along with speeches followed. Thu and Alex served tea to their parents. Each parent gave advice about marriage and family. The candle ceremony followed, symbolizing the joining of the bride and groom and the joining of the two families. Thu and Alex then both received gifts of jewelry from their parents. Make sure to watch the slideshow at the bottom of this post for more images.

Here is Alex’s dad giving some advise.

Joy Moody Vietnamese Wedding
Food was an integral part of the whole day.  It was taken and presented to Alex’s parents at the second ceremony at Alex’s family home.Joy Moody Vietnamese Wedding
A few detailsJoy Moody Vietnamese Wedding
Thu and Alex had wonderfully colored traditional Vietnamese wedding outfits.Joy Moody Vietnamese WeddingReady for ceremonies to begin at Alex’s parents.
Joy Moody Vietnamese Wedding
Ah, kids.  Makes me smile!Joy Moody Vietnamese WeddingBowing to the ancestors of Alex’s family.Joy Moody Vietnamese WeddingJoy Moody Vietnamese Wedding
A nice little moment, Thu and Alex looking at a little scrap book of images.Joy Moody Vietnamese Wedding
Now we are venturing into the western ceremony at Elkins Estate.
Some blingJoy Moody Vietnamese Wedding
Thu’s shoes were awesome.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
Loved this old stair case at Elkins. Went along nicely with the color scheme for the day as well.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
The ring barer and his sister.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
Thu looked amazing.Joy Moody Elkins Estate WeddingThu right before seeing Alex for the “first” time, in the wedding dress and tux at least.
Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
I love this view point of Alex seeing Thu in her dress for the first time.
The story of Alex and Thu is a pretty cool one.  They have been together for a very long time, nine years I believe.  They met at Thu’s sisters wedding.  Alex was the best man and Thu was the maid of honor. They hit it off and have gone through a lot over the years, long distance living and everything in between. Needless to say this was a very happy occasion for everyone involved.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
Beautiful flower girls.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
Thu was stunning.Joy Moody Elkins Estate WeddingJoy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
The Elkins Estate is an amazing place to get married.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
I had Stephanie placed here inconspicuously for this shot.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
And your married!!!
A little fun run with the bridal party.Joy Moody Elkins Estate WeddingJoy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
I loved this tree.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
One of my favorites.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
They are almost like cake toppers on this stump.Joy Moody Elkins Estate WeddingJoy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
The reception at Elkins was gorgeous!! I loved the lime accents on the chairs and napkins.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
One last shot of Elkins.Joy Moody Elkins Estate Wedding
Thu and Alex I am so happy for you guys.  Thank you so much for having us out to document your day!
Be sure to watch the slideshow for a more in depth look into the day.