Patrick and Eric had a wonderful Philadelphia wedding celebration at the Lowes. They met each other while in school at Drexel University and knew they wanted to get married in Philadelphia as soon as it was legally possible. These two are pretty adorable together, its clear they were meant to be. I’ve known Patrick since he was in grade school so I’ve watched him grow up over the years, I even had him in one of my photo classes at Drexel! These guys make one talented combo, Patrick in the Design and Merchandising field and Eric in Video Production, they are both in NYC now. They always knew they wanted a Philadelphia wedding, after all Philadelphia is an important piece to their puzzle. Their vows were simple, humorous and from the heart. Its such a special thing to watch two people make such an important commitment to each other in front of their family and most cherished friends. There was laughing, crying and everything that goes in between. The love and support coming off everyone in that room was abundant! I couldn’t be more thrilled for them.

They did the floral arrangements themselves and rented live tree’s from a local nursery. The wedding was held in the Terrace Room of the Lowes, I didn’t even realize this room existed! It was beautiful with all the lights strung and reflecting off the glass. The ceremony was perfectly timed with sunset and a beautiful night sky glowing around them. DJ Deejay kept the party going with an uplifting fun dance set. It was an amazing day and celebrated Patrick and Eric perfectly.

The last image in the slideshow zooms into Patrick’s dads apartment, he installed a giant P+E in their window that could be seen from the Terrace Room at the Lowes. A special tribute to Patrick and Eric.

Thank you to Pete Malone for joining me, its always a pleasure to shoot with you!

Enjoy their slideshow and some images below.

Patrick & Eric from JoyMoody on Vimeo.