I had so much fun with Dina and Pat!  The day stated out like a monsoon, we hadn’t had rain in over a month and literally a months worth of rain fell on the area the morning of their wedding. We made a few changes in regards to rain plans but in the end the storms rolled out just in time for us to head into the city for the portraits.  It was a gorgeous day, perfect light, perfect temperatures. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Before this post that is full of images here are the other wedding professionals that contributed to making this day all that it was:

Dress: Pronovias
Flowers: Alvin’s Flowers, Dina’s flowers were like a sculpture of flowers. They were amazing. I kept calling them her baby. 🙂
Bakery: Testa’s Bakery, Dina’s Dad’s bakery. He made all the desserts, the favors and the wedding cake. We all went home with a goody box and it was simply heaven.
Band: Vincent James Band
Make-up: Clinique by Alex Kania
Venue: Crystal Tea Room
Caterer: Finley
Photobooth: Wilmington Photobooth
Videographer: First Floor Films, Pete Malone and his dad Andy did a wonderful job as per usual. Its always fun when Pete is out doing video.
Second Photographer: Misty Dawn, Thank you so much Misty.  Great stuff as usual, you’ll see some of your images here.  Its been great being able to work with you a few times this season!
Assistant Photographer: Stephanie Lugo, Stephanie is my Drexel Co-Op student and she has learned a ton this summer, not to mention its been a lot of fun. I’ll really miss her when she goes back to school in September.

Okay, enough talk you really just want to see the images. Here you go!
Some details.

I loved Dina’s shirt when I arrived.

Mom watching as the veil goes on.
hachacha, beautiful bride!
Dad’s first look at his beautiful daughter
Dina’s veil was awesomeThe amazing bouquet of flowers, AKA the baby. I’ve never seen a bouquet quite like this, they were stunning.

Reactions on both ends to seeing each other the first time.
Their church was beautifulJoy Moody, Crystal Tea Room Wedding
Might be my favorite.
Dina was ready to strut her stuff.Joy Moody, Crystal Tea Room Wedding
Another favorite, I told you that the light was amazing.Joy Moody, Crystal Tea Room Wedding
Some real Dina personality.
high fives, awesome portrait shoot
Joy Moody, Crystal Tea Room WeddingMisty got this “luck” shot as I call them. She captured me setting off my other flashes for this awesome image. Not too shabby timing pressing out shutters at the exact same moment.
(you see my on camera flash there on the right)
Joy Moody, Crystal Tea Room Wedding
Some great speeches and reactionsJoy Moody, Crystal Tea Room Wedding
The St. Joe’s Hawk made a surprise appearance.Joy Moody, Crystal Tea Room Wedding
The one specific shot Pat really wanted. 🙂 Its always fun to head out to broad street for night shots.Joy Moody, Crystal Tea Room Wedding
We had so much fun with you guys!  Thank you so much for having us out to document your day.
Make sure to check out the slideshow below for even more images from the day.