A few weeks ago we joined our good friends Linette and Kyle at Linvilla Orchards to pick some apples and take some family photos. It was raining but that didn’t stop us, if anything I think it added to the experience.

Carver, proud of his apple.

linvilla orchards
Carver was the umbrella master, having a good time with Pappi.linvilla orchardslinvilla orchards
sporting my umbrellalinvilla orchardslinvilla orchardslinvilla orchards
linvilla orchardsMy favorite.
linvilla orchardslinvilla orchards
Carver making a dash for it.linvilla orchards
Brothers. Ronin is getting so big.linvilla orchards
Very sweet.linvilla orchards
This makes me laugh.linvilla orchardslinvilla orchards
Our little orchard knomelinvilla orchardslinvilla orchards
Just want to eat him up.linvilla orchards
My official Linvilla Orchard promo piece. 🙂linvilla orchards
And I had to include a few of me and Ronin. I am a bit partial having witnessed and documented this little guys arrival into the world.
Love you guys!!