Oh how I love this family.  They’ve been with me since the beginning and this shoot was our last shoot at their house.  They are moving to another area of town and gaining more usable space.  There will be more shoots, just in a new space which I am also excited for.  I last saw these guys in the fall and Orlaith has changed soo much!  She is a year old and walking. Nuala is still as spunky and fun as ever, filling her big sister roll very well. I can tell she is excited Orlaith is more mobile.

This is how I was greeted at the start of the shoot.  Oh so cute.Joy Moody Moodybaby Philadelphiaher woobie of sorts seems to be the hair brush…. do we have a stylist in our future? Joy Moody Moodybaby PhiladelphiaJust makes you want to tickle that belly. Joy Moody Moodybaby PhiladelphiaCheck out Nuala’s blue nails.   Joy Moody Moodybaby Philadelphia Joy Moody Moodybaby PhiladelphiaNuala is still queen of the monkey bars. Joy Moody Moodybaby PhiladelphiaAnd swinging super high. Joy Moody Moodybaby PhiladelphiaThe movie star. Joy Moody Moodybaby PhiladelphiaOrlaith getting a turn on the swing, there’s that hair brush again!  Joy Moody Moodybaby PhiladelphiaLove you guys! I will be excited to see your new space. Good luck with the move. Joy Moody Moodybaby Philadelphia

And of course check out the slideshow.