Darah is a good friend and fellow photographer (Dollface studios) and this shoot was a long time coming.  Sickness and war wounded children gave us a run for our money making this shoot actually happen! But it turned out to be perfect timing and a perfect day!

Mason is six months old and so adorable and happy! He is such a cutie! He is also suffering from second child syndrome and has not had nearly the amount of photo attention that his big sister has, we set out to rectify that. 🙂

Awesomely gross and irresistible at the same time! haha! I love it.
Such big curious eyes
very expressive and I see two teeth popping through.
Where is Mason?
Bath time with big sister Sonny.  mmmm delicious squishy bath toys!
All ready cool and debonair at the age of six months.
Parental duties.  One one on each child.
Love it.
A little time with dad.
Family photo time!
hmmm, one is enjoying it one is not……….
The adorable Sonny
Totally my favorite.

Reaction to finally receiving her giant lollipop.
How adorable is that dress? I want one just like it.

Hmm?  Good or no? 🙂More pictures in the slideshow!  Be sure to check it out.

Great time with you guys! Thanks for having me over.

Mason & Sonny from JoyMoody on Vimeo.