A few weeks ago Don and I traveled down to LBI to meet up with Kirsten and Max for their engagement shoot.  They currently live out in Colorado but Kirsten’s family has a house on LBI and its a family tradition to spend summers there.  We had a gorgeous evening!

Max received his certificate from Kirsten earlier in the summer for climbing to the top of this light house.
They are so sweet with each other.After the lighthouse we headed back to get the dogs and go to the beach for “the golden hour”.
Yawn, well I am no ordinary dog!  Rules don’t apply to us, psssh. 🙂
These guys have had an amazing summer at the beach, I think they may be a tad spoiled actually.
I love this. It makes me cry every time.
yummy golden light….oh and Max and Kirsten are pretty awesome too.
We had so much fun with the dogs.
Now over to the bay side to watch the sun finish setting. Pretty nice spot to do that.
A little fun with flashes.
Our jumping off into the sunset picture.
Thank you for all your hospitality you guys!  We really enjoyed our time with you. The wedding is a year off but will be here before we know it!