Jen & Ray are getting married next month! We met up at Jen’s parents for their engagement shoot, you’d never know we just took pictures around their front and back yards! I had a lot of fun with these two. It crazy to think they have been together for eleven years!  They are cute as ever and very excited to make it all official soon.

I think this may be one of my favorites.

They love hanging out on the hammock

The tongue thing is a pretty normal occurrence with these guys I found out. 🙂
Just being a little goofy.
Jen’s dad saved this bench from a local park demo.
See here we go with the tongue thing again. 🙂
It spitted rain on us every now and then.
Another contender for favorite. Ray has a very super man quality about him, yes?
Jen is so tiny its easy to just pick her up. This is also a pretty normal occurrence.
Jen found this old window in the trash and thought it was cool, I saw it at the side of the house and was excited to use it.
It started raining again so we did a few shots in the basement, with Elvis.
You guys are too cute! (Elvis you are adorable too.)
I had a lot of fun!  See you in a few weeks.